Yonkers to Build First Firehouse in 35 Years

John Jordan | August 2015

YONKERS—Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced on Aug. 13 the city plans to build a new firehouse in downtown Yonkers, the first to be constructed in 35 years. The decision was made after city officials and engineers determined that the building conditions at local firehouse Station 1 on New School Street were unsafe earlier this summer.

“It has become clear after extensive cost analysis and recommendations from experienced contractors and engineers that it is cost-prohibitive to rebuild Firehouse Station 1,” said Mayor Spano. “Therefore, it has been decided the city will invest in building a new, state of the art firehouse that will be modern, more efficient and compatible to the way our fire department operates in the 21st century.”

Firehouse Station 1 was closed on Friday, June 5 after it was recommended by outside engineers and city officials that the 88-year old building was structurally unsound.  The station housed two companies, which have been relocated since the building was closed.

Fire Station 8, on Warburton Avenue, was the last firehouse built by the City of Yonkers in 1980.

At a press conference held at Elm Street and Palisade Avenue, one of the potential sites for the new firehouse, Mayor Spano also announced the convening of the School Street Firehouse Reconstruction Committee, which will determine the location of and specifications for the new firehouse.

Mayor Spano will appoint representatives from the city’s Fire, Planning & Development, Engineering and Public Works departments, the Mayor’s Office and the city’s fire unions to the committee. The goals of the committee will be to identify the new site of the firehouse and to create expedited specifications for a request for proposal (RFP) for the firehouse’s development.

Other possible locations for the new firehouse, which is estimated to cost up to $15 million to construct, also include: site of old firehouse Station 1 on New School Street; property across from the Chicken Island parcel on Palisade Ave., which includes city-owned 43 Palisade Ave. near Cacace Justice Center with a parking garage, and any other locations the Committee believes to be viable in Downtown Yonkers.

“I support Mayor Spano’s decision to construct a new firehouse in downtown Yonkers,” said John Darcy, Yonkers Fire Commissioner. “As an integral part of the Firehouse Reconstruction Committee, I will ensure the location and specs of the new station are ideal for not only for our firefighters, but also for the safety of our residents.”

It is expected the city will release the RFP for the new firehouse by October 1, anticipating the development and construction of the new firehouse to be complete by 2018.

John Jordan
Editor, Real Estate In-Depth