HG Realtor Foundation Pasta Class Event, Oct, 21, 2020

Real Estate In-Depth | November 24, 2020

HGRF thanks its many sponsors for their support for Pasta Night.
Bonnie Koff, Chair, HGRF Fundraising Committee
HGAR Realtors and Affiliates prepare for the Pasta Class.
From left, Victoria Olivencia,, Kerri Stretch and Bonnie Koff, HGRF Fundraising Committee
From left, Kevin B. Faga, Esq., PC and Stephanie Liggio of Judicial Title
From left, Lisa Carvelli and Beth Hargraves
From left, Donald Arace, Phyllis Lerner, Robert Shandley and Terri Crozier, HGRF Fundraising Committee
From left, Jenifer Moore and Juliet Wile
From left, Christa Squitieri, Megan Murphy and Christina McPartlan
From left, Maria Carlino, Kiera Haley and Bernadette Haley
Rob Dominguez and Cathy Kantrowitz, Valley Bank
Thanks to TVB by Pax Romana for hosting Pasta Night.