HG Realtor Foundation Pub Night at the Hudson Water Club, West Haverstraw July 16, 2018

Real Estate In-Depth | July 2019

From left, Carol Christiansen, Donald Arace and Jeanne Shields

Realtors entering the Hudson Water Club in Haverstraw for the Pub Night event.

From left, Jeffrey Farnell, Maryann Tercasio and HGAR President Ron Garafalo

From left (top row) Jeanne Shields, Phyllis Lerner; (bottom row) Bonnie Koff, Ralph Gabay

From left, Bartenders Dianne DeFalco-Maher and Melissa Grillo

From left, Russ Woolley, Jennifer Mallory, Richard Herska and J.P. Endres

From left, Amelyn Apostol Lockhart, Erica Sallahiam, Sherri Smith and Barbara Cavanaugh

David Moore and Gail Fattizzi

From left, Jeffrey Farnell and HGAR President Ron Garafalo

Jennifer Mallory and Jon Paul Molfetta

From left, Barbara Cavanaugh, Sherri Smith, Amelyn Apostol Lockhart

From left, Liz Benuscak, Lisa Mazza and Karen Boucher

Bartender Melissa Grillo shows off her mixology skills.