RPAC Happy Hour, Hudson Grille Bistro, White Plains, July 25, 2019

Real Estate In-Depth | August 2019

From left, Derick King, NYSAR; Crystal Hawkins Syska and Rich Herska, HGAR RPAC Committee Co-Chairs; Ann Garti, HGAR COO; and Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO
From left; Bob Shandley, HGAR Global Council Co-Chair; Ron Garafalo, HGAR President; Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO; and Gary Connolly, HGMLS Director
From left, Sarah Hughes, Carol Christiansen, Terri Crozier and Roseann Paggiotta
From left, Ann Garti, HGAR COO; Maryann Tercasio, HGRF President; Leah Caro, HGAR Legislative Council Chair, and Bob Shandley, HGAR Global Council Co-Chair
From left, Virginia Doetsch, Linda Urban, Suzan Zeolla and Rich Herska
More than 50 people crowded the bar area of the Hudson Grille for HGAR's RPAC Happy Hour
Maryann Tercasio, HGRF President & Victor Polce