BOARDROOM REPORT: November 8, 2017

Real Estate In-Depth | January 2018

Boardroom Report
Boards of Directors Meeting
Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, Inc. (HGAR)
November 8, 2017
HGAR offices, Goshen, New York

Hudson Gateway Association General Activities

CEO Richard Haggerty presented the slate of 2018 HGAR Officers as recommended by the HGAR Leadership Committee, the list of which was included in the Directors’ packets. Mr. Haggerty made note that current HGMLS President Renee Zurlo will continue to be HGMLS President in 2018 and as such, should be included on the list of 2018 HGAR Officers. After discussion the Directors unanimously approved the slate of 2018 HGAR Officers.

Next, CEO Haggerty made reference to the current HGAR Strategic Plan, which was included in the Directors’ packets. Additionally, he referenced the list of action items that HGAR will implement and/or continue as ongoing programs, as enumerated in the plan. The plan will be reviewed by the 2018 HGAR Leadership.

President Botsoe next sought a motion to authorize HGMLS to select a representative to serve as NAR Director for 2018. Currently, there are four NAR Directors, three of whom are from HGAR’s ranks. This motion would seek to add a fifth director to come from within the leadership of HGMLS. After discussion the Directors authorized the HGMLS Directors to select a representative from within its own leadership to serve as a NAR Director for 2018.

HGAR President Botsoe led a discussion on the matter of the HGAR CEO “Performance Evaluation” form, as included in the Directors’ packets. NAR mandated “Core Standards” indicate that Associations with paid staff must adopt policies and procedures for conducting annual performance reviews of their chief paid staff, and must annually certify that a performance review for their chief paid staff has been conducted. After discussion the Directors approved the use of the HGAR CEO “Performance Evaluation” form as presented, and authorized the HGAR CEO’s contract be amended to provide for an annual review by representatives of the HGAR and HGMLS Executive Committees as determined by the HGAR President and the HGMLS President in compliance with NAR’s Core Standards, and utilizing the CEO Performance Evaluation approved by the HGAR Board of Directors which will be appended to the employment contract. CEO Haggerty agreed to append the form to his contract.

Communications and Member Services

HGAR Director of Marketing Cathleen Stack provided an update on behalf of the Communications Council. She referred to the calendar of events as recited in the members’ packets. Some of the highlights include a November 15 “Happy Hour Networking with the President” event in White Plains at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Then on November 17 there will be a Breakfast with Benefits event at HGAR White Plains on “Common Title Issues.” On November 21, there will be another “Happy Hour Networking with the President” event at Don Coqui at City Island. The Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation will host a Holiday Party at the Westchester Hills Golf Club on November 30. Lastly, there will be another “Happy Hour Networking with the President” event to take place on December 12 at Four Brothers restaurant in Mahopac.


Director/Council Chair Eydie Lopez provided an update on behalf of the Education Council, reporting that the Council is looking into the possibility of offering bi-lingual instruction at the School of Real Estate. Additionally, the Council is exploring offering Certified International Property Specialist (“CIPS”) designation courses in the near future. Most of the 2018 calendar of educational offerings is filled at this juncture.

Legislative, Political and Legal Issues

Legislative Council Chair John Kope directed the members’ attention to the insert in the Directors’ packets concerning federal tax reform. The document listed several ‘talking points’ concerning the adverse impact that would result from the current proposal for federal tax reform. Worthy of note is how vital the preservation of the mortgage interest deduction and deduction of property taxes are to the real estate market. Mr. Kope encouraged all in attendance to contact their federal representatives to make their voices heard on this issue.

RPAC Committee Chair and HGAR President-Elect Barry Kramer reported that the recent HGAR Members Day Luncheon was a successful event, raising more than $8,000 for RPAC. He stated that although the total number of dollars raised for 2017 has already surpassed that which was raised in 2016, HGAR still has considerable work to do to make the total goal of $201,103.

Professional Standards

Director of Legal Services and Professional Standards Administrator Leon Cameron presented Ethics Decisions designated as 226-E, 227-E and 228-E, and after review and discussion the Directors confirmed by individual vote the three ethics decisions.

Mr. Cameron then reported on a recent request from a member for funds from HGAR to help defend a lawsuit in which she was named a Defendant. Mr. Cameron further reported that HGAR does not have a Legal Action Committee, but that the New York State Association of Realtors does, and after discussion the Directors voted to deny the request and direct the requester to NYSAR’s Legal Action Fund.

Empire Chapter WCR Report

On November 16, WCR will install its 2018 Board of Directors. That event will be at Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle. The event will run from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and tickets for the event are $100 per person.

Commercial and Investment Division Report

John Barrett delivered a report on behalf of the Commercial and Investment Division (“CID”). There was great attendance at the recent October 26 event held at HGAR in White Plains featuring Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. The next CID event will be on November 16, with networking to begin at 9:30 a.m. and the event to begin at 10:00 a.m. That session will be entitled “Local Election Results and their effect on Real Estate Development.” Special guests will be John Ravitz, executive vice president of The Business Council of Westchester, and Evan Stavisky, a partner with The Parkside Group, a New York City consulting service.

A portion of the meeting was then dedicated to the personal presentation of two awards that for logistical reasons could not be delivered personally at HGAR Members Day. Director and Awards Chairperson, Theresa Crozier presented the “Up and Coming” Award to fellow HGAR Director Angie Primus Gilford. CEO Richard Haggerty then presented a Staff Award for 10 years of service to Scott Clark, Information and Member Service Coordinator.