BOARDROOM REPORT: September 6, 2017

Real Estate In-Depth | December 2017

Boardroom Report
Boards of Directors Meetings
Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, Inc. (HGAR)
September 6, 2017
HGAR offices, Goshen, New York

Hudson Gateway Association General Activities

Secretary Treasurer Pam Jones presented the Treasurer’s Report as of September 1, 2017, which after review and discussion was approved for receipt and filing by the Directors.

President Dorothy Botsoe addressed consideration of a contribution by HGAR to the NAR REALTOR® Relief Fund to benefit recent flooding victims in Houston and other affected areas. After discussion a motion was passed for HGAR to contribute $10,000 to the NAR REALTOR® Relief Fund to benefit recent flooding victims in Houston and other affected areas.

Gloria Welcome, chairperson of the Fair Housing and Cultural Diversity Committee, was introduced by President Botsoe. Ms. Welcome spoke of the possible creation within HGAR of a Global Business Council, which would provide educational and networking opportunities to members engaged in global real estate markets. It was agreed to table further discussion of the creation of the Global Business Council until the next HGAR Board of Directors meeting in October.

HGAR President Botsoe then reported on the Fair Housing and Cultural Diversity event to take place on October 11 at 5:30 p.m. at HGAR White Plains. It is entitled “The Inside Scoop on Global Real Estate Transactions” and will feature guest speakers including past HGAR Presidents Diane Cummins and Carol Kope, as well as HGAR Member Teresa Belmore.

HGAR Past President Marcene Hedayati presented the report of the HGAR Leadership Committee and the Directors approved the recommendations of the Committee for individuals to fill vacancies for NYSAR Director positions. The Directors also approved the committee’s recommendations for individuals to fill vacant Trustee positions within the Hudson Gateway REALTOR® Foundation.

HGAR President Botsoe then introduced David Severance, owner of Advanced Development Services, who was brought before the joint Boards of Directors to conduct leadership training. The balance of the meeting was hosted by Mr. Severance.