February 2021 Featured Classes

Real Estate In-Depth | January 22, 2021

February 2021 Zoom Course Calendar


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February 3 - CORE Day* with Dorothy Botsoe

February 3 - Property Tax Grievance* with Carole McCann

February 4 - How to Be A Real Live Agent: Mastering VIRTUAL Real Estate* with Katheryn DeClerck

February 6 - Matrix: Adding and Editing* with LaVerne Brown-Williams (Saturday Course!)

Matrix: Searches* with LaVerne Brown-Williams (Saturday Course!)

February 10 -  Contracts to Closings* with William O’Keefe

February 12 -  Anatomy of a Home ll: Heating System, Hot Water Systems, Fuels, Air Conditioning* with Josef Fasolino

February 16 - Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with Ismail Kolya

February 18 -  Work w/ Municipalities- Navigating the Assessors Office/Building Dept. Like a Pro* with Katheryn DeClerck

February 19 - My Seller is Distressed! Is This a Short Sale? (2 hrs. Agency)* with Dorothy Botsoe

February 22 -  Is That Pony A Pet? Understanding Assistance Animals (Fair Housing)* with Katheryn DeClerck

February 23 -  Matrix 2: The Next Step into Matrix* with Ismail Kolya

February 24 -  Co-ops and Condos* with Barry Kramer

February 25 -  Matrix 3: Matrix to the Max* with Ismail Kolya

February 28 -  Instanet Forms & AuthentiSign* with Katheryn DeClerck (Sunday Course!)

HomeSnap Mobile App* with Katheryn DeClerck (Sunday Course!)


*Course qualifies for the Virtual Card

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Starting February 17, 2021

45 Hr. Broker Course - Includes Fair Housing & 1 hr. Agency - Daytime
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays thru March 10th

Please visit https://www.hgar.com/class/45-hr-broker-class-20210217  for more information.