October 2020 Featured Classes

Real Estate In-Depth | September 2020

October 2020 Zoom Course Calendar


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October 1-    Diversity and Inclusion* with Dorothy Botsoe

75 Hour Sales Pre-Licensing Qualifying Course with Varied Instructors

October 2-    NEW! Anatomy of a Home l: Roof, Ventilation, Insulation, Exterior Walls and Foundation * with Josef Fasolino

October 3-    NEW! Pre-listing Checklist: Use RPR to Nail Your Next Listing Presentation* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 6-    NEW! The Saga of Dopey Dora and Vicarious Liability (2hrs. Agency)* with Carole McCann

October 8-    NEW! How to Effectively List & Sell in any Market (1hr. Agency)* with Laura Copersino

October 9-    Property Tax Grievance* with Carole McCann

October 10-  NEW! Don’t Blend In – Top RPR Tools to Promote Yourself* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 11-  NEW! RPR: 5 C’s of Successful Farming* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 13-  Ethiquette* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 14-  NEW! Section 8 Housing Program* with Carl Schiovone

October 15-  CORE DAY* with Dorothy otsoe

Work with Municipalities-Navigating the Assessors Office/Building Dept like a Pro* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 16-  Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with Katheryn DeClerck

October17-   Matrix 1: Introduction to Matrix* with LaVerne Brown-Williams

October 18-  NEW! Using RPR to Ensure a Successful Buyers Tour- Preparation is Key* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 19-  Buyer Representation (2 hrs. Agency)* with Gary Leogrande

Sales Remedial or Gap Course – 30 hour with Varied Instructors

October 22-  GRI-1 Ethics with Linda Lugo

Matrix 2: The Next Step into Matrix* with Ismail Kolya

October 23-  Best Practices for Foreclosure and REO Properties* with Dorothy Botsoe

October 24-  NEW! Open House Tips and Tricks from RPR* with Katheryn DeClerck

October 29-  Matrix 3: Matrix to the Max* with Ismail Kolya

October 30-  NEW! Explicit (Conscious) and Implicit (Unconscious) Bias* with Dorothy Botsoe

October 31-  NEW! RPR’s Top 10 Features for Building Your Business* with Katheryn DeClerck

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