Realtor Foundation Pub Night, Harrison Tavern, March 7

Real Estate In-Depth | March 2017

From left, Bonnie Koff, Alicia Albano and Steven Gagnon
From left, Lorenzo Signorile, Veronica Meola and
Anthony Lando
From left, Alicia Albano and Stephanie Liggio
From left, Dave Moore, Gail Fattizzi and John Kiyak
From left, John Copulos, Leah Caro and Kevin Kearns
From left, Maryann Tercasio, Christina and Chris Carbone and Ann Garti
(Photo Credit: Robert Shandley)
From Left, Beatriz Alvarez, Diane Brendel, Dorthe Deuble, Denise Gutman-Tenner, Liz Boucher and Tammy Payne
From left, Veronica Franciosa, Nancy Meserole, Donna Doria, and Vlora Shala
From left, Lin Crispinelli, Phyllis Lerner, Bonnie Koff
More than 125 people attended the first Realtor Foundation Pub Night of 2017 at the Harrison Tavern.
Donald Arace of HomeBridge Financial Services and his band "The Attic" donated their time
to provide music.
From left, Mark Aakjar, Giovanni Gonzalez and Gary Leogrande.