LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: HGAR Government Affairs 2018 Successes

Philip Weiden | December 2018

County Executive George Latimer surrounded by HGAR Members and Supporters after signing of Co-op Transparency Bill

2018 was a year of great accomplishments for HGAR Government Affairs. Led by HGAR President Barry Kramer’s leadership we secured a long sought-after Westchester County co-op transparency bill that was passed and signed into law earlier this month.

The law provides timelines that a Co-Op Board must notify the Westchester County Human Rights Commission of any rejections they make. This requirement will allow the human rights commission to collect data and investigate possible patterns of discrimination.

2018 Member Day RPAC Lunch

On the RPAC front led by our two co-chairs Dorothy Botsoe and Richard Herska, HGAR successfully raised more than $170,000 in 2018. We raised more than $30,000 on RPAC events in 2018 along with our signature Members Day RPAC luncheon, which raised $10,000. All money invested by a member goes 100% to RPAC.

On the state level, the industry successfully stopped any new transfer tax increases in the state budget of which there were many proposals. We also stopped flip taxes and transfer tax hikes proposed for New York City. This was all due to Realtor advocacy and your RPAC dollars.

We will continue to advocate for Realtor interests, including a 2% property tax cap extension, first-time home buyer savings accounts and co-op fair housing legislation at the state level.

Thank you for your continued support of RPAC and HGAR’s legislative advocacy efforts.


Philip Weiden
Legislative Affairs columnist Philip Weiden is the Government Affairs Director for the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors.