Boardroom Report: May 2015

John Jordan | May 25, 2015

Communications and Member Services

Debra Budetti, Chair of the Communications and Member Services Committee and Mary Prenon, Director of Communications and staff liaison to the Communications and Member Services Committee provided the Communications update, noting that (i) the Awards Committee would be meeting on May 7, 2015 to start the process for NYSAR, Realtor of the Year and HGAR Local Awards; (ii) the HGAR Member Day and Annual Meeting Exhibitor Booth Sales have commenced as has contracting with the keynote speaker, John Gidding the host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal;” (iii) the Make-a-Wish Committee would be meeting on May 18 in Goshen to discuss the upcoming October 22, Gala at Patriot Hills and the Garage Sale on June 6, from 9 a.m. to noon; (iv) Members Services Committee announced defensive driving classes on 5/27 and 5/28; and (v) the Branding Committee will be filming more member videos from volunteers in early June with a tentative launch of the new website and re-designed Real Estate In-Depth planned for late June.


Director Chris Scibelli, Co-Chair of the Education Council, provided the Education Council report noting the success of new online courses and course bundle at $75 and that new ideas from the faculty meeting held on April 20, 2015 were now being considered to expand the live course curriculum.   

Legislative, Political and Legal Issues

Vice President John Lease, Chair of the Legislative, Political and Legal Issues Council, reported that a Legislative Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for May 6 immediately following the Board of Directors meeting to finalize plans for Lobby Day, June 9, 2015. He noted that new HGAR GAD Phillip Weiden had already met with Terrence Murphy’s Staff, Susan Serino’s staff, Steve Katz, Sandra Galef, Bill Larkin’s staff, David Buchwald’s staff and Catherine Borgia. Vice President Lease finished the report with the RPAC update informing the Directors of the success of the Ramiro’s event in Putnam County raising nearly $1,000 and the upcoming Mr. Legs Event at Tarrytown Music Hall and the Day at Yankee Stadium on May 19, and June 24, respectively.

Professional Standards

Don Cummins, Esq., Director of Legal Services and Professional Standards, provided the status report of current and pending Ethics and Arbitration matters filed with the Association; reporting eight arbitrations and 14 ethics complaints currently pending; with one arbitration matter and four ethics cases resolved and one appeal of a hearing decision filed.

Cummins then presented Ethics Decisions 176-E, 177-E, and 179-E to the Board for approval of the Decisions. Individual motions to approve the three Ethics Decisions passed.

WCR and CID Reports

WCR Empire Chapter Past President Myriam Ramos provided the report for the Empire Chapter noting their upcoming event “Leveraging the Google Environment” would be held on May 11, 2015 at the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn.

   CID Chair John Barrett provided the report for HGAR’s Commercial Investment Division advising on the upcoming event of May 21, 2015 with Ed Day, the Rockland County Executive in West Nyack.

Multiple Listing Service

CEO Richard Haggerty began the MLS report with an update on direct syndication feeds.  He noted that the Zillow and Trulia Feeds were now up and running, the contract was under negotiation and that a contingent from HGAR would meet with them in DC to review the agreement which looked promising and that had just submitted an alternate agreement proposal that legal counsel was reviewing.  HGMLS President Leah Caro advised the Board that the HGMLS Lockbox Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) was scheduled to meet with both Sentilock and Supra on May 20, 2015. COO Ann Garti then advised that the meeting in Texas for the National Broker Public Portal had gone well and that the group was now determining whether to build software or start looking for a current software solution to merge and/or acquire.

Management, Financial & Membership Reports

Secretary/Treasurer Pamela Jones presented the Treasurer’s Report on behalf of HGAR including the bank and investment summaries for May 1st and the Directors approved receipt of the Cash Report.

John Jordan
Editor, Real Estate In-Depth