Gregg, Roebuck, Martin & Cordero Complete In-office Program Requirements to Join Currasi Realty's Commercial Division

Real Estate In-Depth | August 14, 2023

Curasi Realty, Inc. of Montgomery announced four new real estate members who have completed their in-office program requirements and have joined its Commercial Division, which was launched in December 2022. Those agents are Dawn Gregg-Scarpulla, Kelly Roebuck, Kadian Martin and Kelvin Cordero. These Realtors have also completed the Commercial and Investment Real Estate (CIRE) certification.

“We congratulate Dawn, Kelly, Kadian, and Kelvin for taking the initiative to complete this specialized certification to join the other division members who provide premium commercial real estate services,” said Larry Curasi, Broker/Owner, Curasi Realty. “Dawn, Kelly, Kadian, and Kelvin, with a combined 45 years of real estate experience that include commercial sales, will be a welcome addition to our Curasi Realty Commercial Division,” added Nancy Curasi, Owner, Curasi Realty.

The Curasi Realty team engages in numerous commercial boards and associations, keeping agents up-to-date on commercial real estate trends and best practices.