Online Record Search Available in Orange County

John Jordan | June 2015

GOSHEN—Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt announced earlier this month that online records search is now available in Orange County. The public can now access County Clerk records from their home or office. Any public records previously viewed at the clerk’s office, including land and court documents, can be viewed online.

“I’m very excited to bring this new program to Orange County and I think it will benefit the community greatly,” Rabbitt said. “This puts us on par with other counties in the state that have already implemented public view of records for their residents.”

Online Records Search is provided through IQS, a records management company. Access will be on the County Clerk’s website at Subscription fees will be suspended during the launch phase of the program. Print fees will apply. For questions regarding Online Record Search, contact IQS at 800.320.2617.

Rabbitt is currently working with New York State Court System to bring electronic filing of court documents to Orange County. Earlier this year, Rabbitt implemented state-of-the-art electronic recording of land records.

John Jordan
Editor, Real Estate In-Depth