A Helpful Microsoft Office Tip, Reinstalling Windows, Direct Mail is Not Dead!

March 2019

In recent years, many Microsoft Office 2016 (and Office 365) users have become familiar with saving files to Microsoft's OneDrive file storage service. If you're not familiar with OneDrive, the service enables users to store, backup, sync and access files between their computing devices and the online service. Unfortunately, many people would prefer to use…

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NAR Releases Reports on Blockchain Technology And Consumer Home Buying Preferences/Trends

December 2018

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Realtors unveiled a Blockchain Guidance Paper earlier this month during a webinar designed to keep real estate at the forefront of conversations surrounding the emerging technology. NAR also authored a paper that found buyers continue to overwhelmingly utilize both the Internet and real estate agents in the home-buying process. Although blockchain…

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Latest Updates on Free Tech Support, Podcasts, and New Windows 10 Feature

October 2018

Are you experiencing a tech-related network, computer, software, Smartphone or other peripheral device related issue? If so, you may be able to obtain free technical support that could possibly resolve your problem. Both the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors and the New York State Association of Realtors offer free technical support options to their members.…

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Directions to Multiple Locations Using Google and Solutions to Other Issues

September 2018

When showing multiple properties, you need to think about how you're going to navigate from one property to the next. What's the most efficient way to get around? Is the most efficient route also the most strategic one? Regardless, Google Maps can help with these tasks. A article titled "How to Plan a Road…

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NAR Applauds Introduction of Net Neutrality Bill

July 2018

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Realtors has commended US Rep. Mike Coffman for his introduction of the 21st Century Internet Act. Rep. Coffman’s bill comes in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s 2017 decision to dismantle net neutrality regulations, with the legislation ensuring that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, cannot block or throttle online content or…

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The Latest on Text Message Marketing, Stylus Help, Sensibo and More Windows 10 Help

July 2018

Websites, social media sites, blogs, print newsletters, print ads, e-newsletters, e-mail, direct mail, online ads of sorts, etc. are all forms of marketing that many Realtors use on a regular basis. Text message marketing is a form of marketing that is less common. However, since almost all text messages are received/opened (and typically opened promptly)…

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NAR to Launch .realestate Top-Level Domain

June 2018

WASHINGTON— The National Association of Realtors will be launching a new top-level domain, .realestate, later this year. The new domain extension is scheduled to be available in September for members of NAR, with a late November release to the general public. The .realestate web addresses will be free of restrictions from NAR affiliation and will…

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A New Version of Windows 10 is Coming Soon

April 2018

If your Windows computer is getting old or is running slowly (even after you've run system cleaning and optimization utilities), maybe it's time for a fresh start. When you reinstall your computer’s Windows operating system, you'll typically end up with your computer working better and faster than it was prior to the reinstall. If you…

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What You Need to Know About Droplet, IP Ratings and E-Mail Tracking

March 2018

I recently came across a Smartphone/tablet mount that's called a "Droplet" mount. Droplets are primarily targeted for installation and use in the shower or on a bathroom mirror (but it could be used just about anywhere). If you've ever wanted to bring your Smartphone or tablet into the shower I would encourage you to see…

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Realtors Property Resource Suspends AMP Program

February 2018

CHICAGO—The Realtors Property Resource, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors, has suspended its Advanced Multi-List Platform, or AMP, project to reduce costs by several million dollars in 2018 and allow greater focus on its core initiatives. RPR will begin winding down AMP operations immediately. The decision to cut funding for AMP,…

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