Improving Wi-Fi Coverage, Microsoft's and Apple's Recent Events and New MacBook Pro Adapter Woes

John Vrooman | November 9, 2016

John Vrooman
John Vrooman

How’s your home’s Wi-Fi coverage? Do you have areas in your home where your Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent? If your home doesn’t have satisfactory Wi-Fi coverage would you be interested in a quick, easy and effective solution? If so, I encourage you to learn more about eero Inc.’s Wi-Fi system as it’s a product and technology implementation that is a bit different than the norm.

The following text comes from the website and serves as a brief introduction…

“The one-router model isn’t working.

 Relying on a single router is like asking a loud speaker in your living room to provide great sound throughout your home. It’s simple physics: WiFi waves don’t go through walls well and have an even harder time climbing stairs. Ever tried to stream a show from your bedroom when your router’s in the office downstairs? It’s a buffering nightmare.

 To solve this, you need multiple access points—devices that broadcast WiFi—distributed throughout your home. That’s what you’ll find in office buildings, both big and small. But these solutions are out of reach for most of us, and all we’re left with is a band-aid solution: range ‘extenders,’ which don’t live up to their name.

 It takes a system.

 With eero, you simply plug one device into your modem. Additional eeros simply need power from a standard outlet. They automatically connect to each other to create a single wireless mesh network that covers your whole home. If you already have Ethernet wiring, you can always choose to hardwire your additional eeros.

 Three eeros cover the typical home. You can start with one and eero-up depending on the size of your space. You already pay for high-speed Internet isn’t it time to get what you’ve paid for in every corner of your home?”

If the above has caught your attention and you wish to learn more, please visit I would encourage you to explore the whole website. The website has a few different sections and each of them offers information that can help you through the evaluation, purchase and set-up process. For example, you may conclude after reading through the available information that your home may likely need more than three eeros to satisfactorily cover your home with satisfactory Wi-Fi coverage.

While we’re on the topic of improving Wi-Fi within your home, the following article from the website provides some additional solutions that you might want to familiarize yourself with and consider…[HOWTO] Boost Your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Reception


Microsoft’s and Apple’s Product Announcement/Release Events

In late October both Microsoft and Apple hosted special events where they introduced their respective company’s latest products. This time around I believe Microsoft’s product releases/announcements were the more interesting ones. Unfortunately, I think that the price points of both company’s newest offerings are (in many cases) higher than what most people and businesses are likely to want to pay. That said, I still think it’s worth learning more about what new products these companies are now (or will soon be) releasing into the marketplace. The following links will lead you to videos of the two events…

Microsoft Windows 10 Event. (October 26, 2016)

Apple Special Event. (October 27, 2016)


New MacBook Pro = An Adapter Nightmare?

Are you thinking about getting a new Apple MacBook Pro computer? If so, I would encourage you to review the article entitled “MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 Adapter Guide: How to Connect an iPhone, Display, Hard Drive, and More.” This article focuses on the issue of all the adapters that will likely be needed to be acquired before one can get the most out of a new MacBook Pro computer. While it’s unlikely that most MacBook Pro users will want/need all the adapters that are identified in the article, many will likely need some of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the added cost of all the needed/wanted adapters may lead some to reconsider their initial new MacBook Pro purchase plans!

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