Nordic Walking For Exercise, Education and Profit

John Vrooman | July 25, 2015

Time sure flies! Pop! The cork has popped off a virtual bottle of champagne. What’s the celebration about? This month’s I’m celebrating having authored this tech column for the past 15 years. It’s been an honor and a pleasure!

Nordic Walking

If you’re not familiar with what Nordic Walking is, how to do it (proper equipment and technique), nor the benefits it affords, I would suggest you visit YouTube and do some searches to learn more. Just search for “how to Nordic walk” and that will reveal a bunch of helpful/instructional videos for you. Before heading out on your first Nordic walk, remember to first download some educational real estate, marketing, social media, motivational, etc. podcasts onto your smartphone so that you can listen to them through your wireless Bluetooth earbuds/headphones.

Tip: Consider walking around the neighborhood(s) that you would like to “farm.” As you Nordic walk around, your poles will attract attention, and that attention will help you initiate conversations with neighbors. The people you encounter will be more responsive to your real estate solicitations after you’ve first had a little Nordic walking discussion and a brief show-and-tell session with them. Good luck! (I’d love to hear from anyone who gives this suggestion a try.)


Is it just me, or do you sometimes make and miss spelling and grammar errors? Grammarly, is a spelling and grammar-checking product/service (and more), that you may want to test out, and possibly consider subscribing to. The product/service seems to be geared more towards desktop computing than mobile computing, so keep this in mind as you evaluate the product/service. I’m currently using the free version, but the real power of the solution is realized when you subscribe to the paid version (which is pretty expensive, but possibly worth it, depending on your needs).

Apparently, the spelling and grammar checking capabilities of the premium version of Grammarly are significantly better than what is available from within Microsoft Word. To learn more about Grammarly, here’s a courtesy link… I would encourage you to explore and review the information that is provided in the Support area of the service’s website as it further describes the product’s features, capabilities and options.

Gmail Email Merge

Yes, I have covered the topic of Gmail email merging a few times before. However, I am bringing up the topic once again because the developer of the solution I’ve highlighted previously has updated his Gmail email merge solution with a new email-scheduling feature. In addition to the new feature enhancement, the developer has also recently posted an updated tutorial (that includes a new video tutorial as well). If this topic interests you and you want to learn how to perform an email merge operation using Gmail, please visit the following web page…

Evernote Ambassadors

Evernote is a very popular cross platform application/service that many people (and organizations) use to write, store, manage, synchronize and share notes across their computers, mobile devices and with others. To help Evernote users get the most from the application, an “Evernote Ambassador Program” was created some time ago. The following text come from an web page that briefly describes what the program is about…

“The Evernote Ambassador Program is a global community of selected Evernote users who volunteer their time and knowledge to show others how to become experts at using Evernote in various aspects of their daily lives.”

Using the above as my basis for saying so, I would say that if you want to learn more about Evernote you should explore what some Evernote Ambassadors have to say and share about the application. I visited the websites of a few Evernote Ambassadors and found a lot of helpful information. If you want to learn more about the Evernote application and how it can be used, please visit the following web page to get the process started…

Gizmos, Freeware—Best Free Online Applications, Services

Would you enjoy browsing through an organized list of free online services? If so, I’ve got a good one for you. Check out the “Best Free Online Applications and Services” list(s) that you find at the following web page… While it still makes sense to purchase some software products and online services…at times, it just isn’t always necessary.

Canceling Window 10 Upgrade Reservation

On July 29th, 2015 the Windows 10 upgrade is scheduled to be released. If you have already reserved a copy for yourself, you should be good to go. However, if for some reason you want to cancel your reservation…what are you supposed to do? While I can’t really come up with many reasons why you might want to cancel (or delay) the upgrade process, a blog post at the website covers the process of how to do it. If you want to cancel your reservation, or simply want to bookmark the article in case you change your mind about the upgrade, the following link will lead you to the article/blog post…


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