TECH TALK: The Latest on Social Media Automation Tools, E-mail Finding Tools and NAR's ‘Field Guides’

John Vrooman | March 2, 2017

John Vrooman

The site is a powerful resource that I encourage you to investigate. The content that you will find there focuses on social media and marketing technology. I’m confident that if you invest some time to browse the site you’ll find numerous articles/blog posts that will interest you. The article/post…” 7 Terrific Time Saving Social Media Automation Tools that you have to use!” recently caught my attention. The article provided an efficient overview of some tools/services that alone (or together) could prove to be very useful to agents and/or offices that want to up their social media game.

Tip: Pay attention to the comments area that is found below the site’s articles/posts. Why? Because you will find that by reading through the comments, you will often come across comments that provide additional information, insight, tips, resources, etc. that in some way relate to the topic at hand. Here’s a link to the above-mentioned article, and while you’re checking it out also take a look at the additional information/commentary that’s available in the comments area…

Tools to Help You Find Someone’s E-Mail Address

Fortunately, when you want to find someone’s e-mail address there are quite a few tools available that can help you achieve the goal. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to identify any tools that guarantee their ability to find someone’s e-mail address. Additionally, I’ve noticed that many of the e-mail address discovery tools/services that are available allow you to use the service for free, but only to a limited extent. When I Googled “best e-mail address discovery tools” (and variations of that text) I was impressed with the quantity and quality of the search results. The following are links to articles that discuss/highlight several e-mail address discovery tools…

What to Do When Your Phone Gets Wet

Whoops! Your phone just fell into a puddle, a pot of water in the sink, the toilet, got washed in the washing machine, etc…it happens! What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? What I suggest you do (before your phone mistakenly finds its way into an accidental water submersion situation is to familiarize yourself with an article titled “Oh No! I Dropped My Phone in The…” that you can find at the website. Quick tip…When your phone gets wet, don’t do the one thing that most people do…don’t try to turn on the phone to see if it still works! For a more detailed discussion on the topic, please review the article mentioned above at the following web page…

Better Glue Repairs

What type of glue should you use to glue…metal to wood, ceramic to wood or rubber to glass? To help you answer these types of questions you should visit the website (think…”glue this to that”). When you get to the website you will be presented with a simple interface where you select the two types of materials that you want to glue together and then click on the “Let’s Glue” button. When you do this, you’ll then be presented with a/some recommended product(s) and information related to your submitted gluing project. I would recommend that you bookmark the website so that it will be available to you the next time a gluing situation arises.


Check out NAR’s ‘Field Guides’

Have you ever looked to see if any of NAR’s free “Field Guides” may cover and provide useful information on topics that might interest you? If not, I think you should browse the list of available Field Guide topics to see if any of them might interest you. When I browsed the list, I identified quite a few. Most of the Field Guides have 2016 dates associated with them, so they are still relatively current. A link to an archive of older Field Guides is also available. The following are the titles of a few Field Guides that caught my interest and may catch yours as well: Quick Real Estate Statistics; Marketing Tips for REALTORS®; Drones & Real Estate; Sale Leasebacks & Synthetic Leases; Effects of Low-Income Housing on Property Values; Real Estate Crowdfunding; and Using Digital Video as a Marketing Tool. Quite a few additional Field Guides also caught my interest, but I’m not going to list them all here. Instead, you can browse the list of available Field Guides.

If you have comments, suggestions, tips, questions or just want to say “Hi,” you are invited to contact me at I always enjoy hearing from you!

John Vrooman
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