TECH TALK: The Latest on Windows 10 Fall Update, PoE and Kickstand Cases

John Vrooman | January 25, 2016

John Vrooman
John Vrooman

Windows 10 Fall Update

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system has only been available for a few months now. Back in November, Microsoft released its first significant update to Windows 10, but it’s likely that many Windows 10 users who have applied the update will not notice many of the changes that the update introduced. It is for this reason that I decided to hunt down a few articles that covered the update. My hope and goal is to help Windows 10 users identify what changes and new features the November update introduced. Fortunately, a quick Google search using “Windows 10 Fall Update features” located quite a few articles on the topic. I reviewed a number of them and have provided links to a couple articles that I feel cover the update the best. If you’re a Windows 10 user, I would encourage you to review one or both of the following articles so that you can be more informed about the November update. To get started, please visit and


When you install PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable routers and access points throughout a location the overall coverage and speed of the network is typically improved. Additionally, since PoE capable access points obtain their power from the same network cable that transmits network data traffic they are typically installed on walls, ceilings and in places where electrical outlets don’t currently exist! Unfortunately, the better PoE capable routers and access points typically cost a bit more. However, I believe that most people will conclude that once an adequate PoE network solution is in place, the extra range, speed and reliability of their upgraded network will justify the extra cost. If you do a search at using “PoE access point” and “PoE gigabit router” you’ll find product options that should get you going down the right path. (Tip: As a general rule, sticking to the same name brand for both your PoE router and access points is a good idea as the products are likely to be optimized to be used together. For example, consider sticking to the “Ubiquiti Networks” products for both your PoE router and PoE access point devices.)

Mobile Phone Case With Kickstand

If you watch a fair amount of media (video podcasts,,, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) on your mobile phone, I encourage you to get a protective phone case that has a “kickstand” built into it. Mobile phone cases that have kickstands allow you to rest your phone down in a way that will both support your phone in a stable fashion and at an angle that makes viewing easier. Personally, I got tired of trying to lean and balance my phone against salt and pepper shakers, ketchup bottles, center pieces, condiment holders, etc. (I know some of you can relate to that routine). If you do a search at or that includes your phone’s model name and the words “kickstand” and “case,” the search results will likely lead you to some kickstand enabled protective case options that should work with your phone. For me, a kickstand case is now a mobile phone “must have” accessory.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Historically, I’ve preferred getting matte/anti-glare/low glass screen protectors for my mobile phone and tablet computer. Those types of screen protectors help to reduce screen glare and also tend to offer better fingerprint resistance than typical “glossy” screen protectors. However, I’m currently using a .26mm thick tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass screen protectors are a fairly new discovery for me, and I’m thinking that they may be new to many of you. I think the “feel” of my tempered glass screen protector is closer to that of my phone’s actual glass as compared to the feel of previous screen protectors I’ve used.

Although tempered glass screen protectors are thicker than other types of screen protectors, I have found that the touch screen performance on my phone doesn’t seem to be affected. I mention the thickness of the screen protector that I’m using because I’ve noticed that tempered glass screen protectors seem to available in different thicknesses. I’m satisfied with what I have, so I probably wouldn’t want to get a thicker one. Compared to the glare reducing characteristics that the previous types of screen protectors that I’ve used, the tempered glass protector is more in line with a typical unprotected screen. The brand of tempered glass screen protector that I’m using is “Yootech” and they offer a generous warranty. If you would like to try a tempered glass screen protector, I would go to and do a search for “tempered glass [your phone model name].”

Disposable Shoe Covers

I would like to remind everyone that sellers probably get tired of having to clean up tracked in snow, slush, sand, salt, etc. that is often left behind after winter weather showings. To combat this issue, listing agents may want to provide their sellers with (or, encourage their seller’s to get) some disposable shoe covers. A quick search at Amazon for “disposable shoe covers” will yield some useful results. If you want to step it up a notch, a search for “shoe cover dispenser.” A shoe cover dispenser makes the process of putting on shoe covers quick and easy (and that will be appreciated by all). Just trying to help.


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