The Latest on OneNote, Animation Services, How to Find Duplicate Files and Changing Your Gmail Account Photo

John Vrooman | July 11, 2017

Microsoft “OneNote” is available as a free app and Microsoft “OneNote 2016” is available as part of the popular Microsoft Office/Office 365 suites of applications. Yes, there are differences between the different versions of OneNote, but for the moment I just want to point out that there’s a version of OneNote that can be used on Windows PC (and Windows phones), Macs, iOS devices and Android devices. Even Linux and Chromebook users can use the web-based version of OneNote. Over time, OneNote has been getting better and better and Microsoft has stated they plan to continue to actively improve and develop the product. If you haven’t tried OneNote yet, you may want to learn more about it, as it’s really a very capable product. To help in this regard, if you go to and search for “OneNote” or “OneNote 2016” or “OneNote 2013” (if you have an older version of Microsoft Office like Microsoft Office 2013) you’ll find many video tutorials that can help you to learn how to use the product. Links to a couple of tutorials that I found to be more thorough than most are below…

2017-02-16 – OneNote – An Introduction to the Best Product You’re Not Using

Become a OneNote Expert in 50 minutes – Microsoft IT Showcase

Need an Online Sticky Note/Corkboard Product?

These days there’s no shortage of ways to take, manage and/or share notes while computing or while mobile. Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be a note taking solution that everyone likes and knows how to use. The result is that many people have numerous note taking solutions available on their computers, phones, tablets, etc., but few regularly use or can fully utilize any of them. If you still don’t have a comprehensive “notes” solution that you’re happy with, or if you may be interested in considering a few alternative “notes” related solutions, please visit When you do, you’ll be taken to a web page that will contain links to a few web-based sticky note and online corkboard services that may interest you.

Animation’s Many Useful Functions

Video has been and will likely continue to grow in popularity. Unfortunately for many, video production and editing is still considered to be too hard to do. For others, it’s the thought of going on camera (recorded or live) that keeps them from creating video content. One type of video that (until recently) has been out of reach both technically and financially to most people is animation. In recent years, however, an increasing number of animation services have made their way to market and are now providing animation services at more affordable price levels. This link will lead you to a web page that contains links to a few animation services that I recently discovered and that may interest some of you.

How to Calibrate a Monitor in Windows 10

Unfortunately, not all computer monitors are well calibrated. This link will lead you to a Windows 10 display color calibration tutorial at The tutorial will take you step by step through the calibration process using a free and built-in Windows 10 utility.

Want to Change Your Gmail Account Photo?

If you use Gmail and want to change your Gmail account’s photo, this link will lead you to a article that will show you how you can accomplish that goal.

Find Duplicate Files

Over time and for different reasons many computer users somehow accumulate various numbers of duplicate files on their computers. Photo files are probably the most common duplicate file type that you’ll find on a Realtor’s computer, and relatively speaking, photo files are quite large. Therefore, removing duplicate files (especially duplicate photo and video files) can sometimes result in freeing up significant amounts of computer storage space. To help you find duplicate files it’s probably best to use a software utility that specializes in performing that task. I did a little research on the topic and came across a couple of free software utilities that were highly rated. This link will lead you to a web page that contains a couple of links to two software products that are free and that specialize in finding duplicate files.

Fix Problems that Block Programs From Being Installed Or Removed

If you’re a Windows operating system user you may encounter a situation where (for some unknown reason) you can’t install or remove/uninstall a program. If you’re currently experiencing this problem, or if you should ever encounter this situation, this article at Microsoft’s support site may provide you with a solution to the problem. You may want to file this one away for possible future reference.

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