The Latest on Text Message Marketing, Stylus Help, Sensibo and More Windows 10 Help

John Vrooman | July 16, 2018

Websites, social media sites, blogs, print newsletters, print ads, e-newsletters, e-mail, direct mail, online ads of sorts, etc. are all forms of marketing that many Realtors use on a regular basis. Text message marketing is a form of marketing that is less common. However, since almost all text messages are received/opened (and typically opened promptly) you may want to learn more about the technology and the features/capabilities various text message marketing service providers offer. The following link will lead you to a web page that contains links to several text messaging related service providers, where you can learn more about each of them… (There’s some powerful stuff to be evaluated at these service providers websites.)

Find A Stylus That Meets Your Needs

If you have a touchscreen enabled Smartphone, tablet and/or computer, you may be able to expand your use and productivity of these devices in certain circumstances by using a stylus instead of your fingers or keyboard. There’s a wide variety of stylus types and stylus-enabled apps that you can choose from in the marketplace. Depending on the types of styluses that are compatible with your devices and the apps that you use them with will together affect/determine how much additional capability and productivity you’ll be able to realize. If you’re not a stylus user yet, or if you haven’t investigated how a stylus may be able to help you in some way—maybe now’s a good time to do a little research on the topic. The website offers a variety of different types of stylus, as well as information that can help you identify the type of stylus that’s best for you and whether it’s compatible with your current device(s). Here’s a courtesy link to help get you started…

How to Make a ‘Dumb’ Air Conditioner ‘Smart’

I recently came across a product called “Sensibo” that that can convert some “dumb” air conditioners, to being “smart” ones. What’s meant by a “smart” air conditioner is being able to control it from anywhere, anytime. The use case/benefit that I have in mind is being able to remotely manage the air conditioning status at listed (vacant) properties. I think it’s safe to say that nobody enjoys viewing a hot and humid house and that showings are likely “rushed” if the home environment is uncomfortable. I’m imagining that agents could introduce the Sensibo product to clients who may be able to benefit from having one/some installed in their home so they can better manage their property’s air temperature. To learn more about the Sensibo product please visit

How to Fix All of Windows 10’s Annoyances

I periodically come across articles on the topic of fixing/addressing various Windows 10 annoyances. Recently, I came across a good one (translated: Quite long, but thorough) at the website. The title of the article is “How to Fix All of Windows 10’s Annoyances.” Although the article may not actually address all of Windows 10’s annoyances, it does address quite a few of them. Many people don’t realize  they can quite easily “fix” (reconfigure) many of Windows 10’s settings so they aren’t bothered by as many ads, notifications, etc. I would encourage all Windows 10 users to visit the following web page to see if any of the topics covered might address/fix some issue that may be annoying them. Here’s a link to the article… = Lots of Help

The website provides help on many different technology related topics. What types of help can you find at the site? The following is a list of some of the sites’ top help categories: Apple Watch and Wearables Help; Windows PC Tips and Help; Ipad And Android Tablet Help; Computer and Internet Basics; Mac OS X Help; Facebook Questions and Help; Cell Phone, Iphone And Android Help; Seo Tips and Tricks. After reviewing the above list of help categories, I’m confident most people are likely to be able to find numerous articles on a variety of topics that will be helpful to them in some way. There’s plenty more to the website than listed above.

To get a better idea about all that is available at the site, I would encourage you to visit and explore the site for a few minutes. Tip: The right-hand side/column of the site has a nice list of tags/topics that can help guide you to information on topics that interest you most. To start your site exploration simply visit

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