The Latest on Windows 10 Anniversary Update,, and Wireless Headphones for Sleeping

John Vrooman | August 10, 2016

John Vrooman
John Vrooman

The “Windows 10 Anniversary Update” is Microsoft’s latest update to its Windows 10 operating system. This update has already been released and for most Windows 10 users, it will become available through Windows 10’s built-in “Windows Update” service. The Anniversary Update is being rolled out in stages and those who have newer computers are likely to receive the update before those who have older computers.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a large update and therefore I would recommend that you do a full backup of your computer system before you install it.

I’m not sure how fast the rollout of the update will be, but if you haven’t received access to the update by the time you read this, the following links will direct you to some blogs/articles that will help you to learn more about the update and how you can get it without having to wait any longer.

Blog post/article from that highlights the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Blog post/article from titled “Get Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now”


Library Card Access to’s
Educational/Training Videos!

I’ve mentioned the amazing service in one or more of my previous columns. If you are not familiar with, I encourage you to take some time out to visit and explore the site. As you explore, I’m confident that you will identify a number of topics/courses that will interest you. If that ends up being the case, go ahead and take advantage of the service’s 10-day free trial. However, before the free trial ends and before you consider signing up for a subscription to the service, please first check to see if a local library might offer you free access to all or part of the service. With a little luck, you may learn that you can gain free access to some or all of the service by using a library card! I successfully accessed the service by using the library card that I obtained from the White Plains Public Library. If you live, work, go to school, or own property in Westchester County you should be able to obtain a library card that will enable you to gain access to the service.

Once you have a library card from a Westchester library that is a member of the Westchester Library System, you’re likely going to be able to successfully gain access to

For a list of libraries that are members of the Westchester Library System, please visit the following web page…


Migrating From Evernote to Microsoft OneNote

Those who have been using the very popular and free version of the Evernote service/app recently learned that they had to upgrade to a paid service plan if they wanted to be able to continue to sync their Evernote information across more than two devices. Depending on one’s situation and needs, upgrading to a paid version of the Evernote service may, or may not make sense. Those who decide against upgrading may want to look at alternative note taking/management/syncing apps. For many, Microsoft’s OneNote product is a good alternative to Evernote. To learn more about OneNote, simply visit and/or and do a search using “OneNote 2016 tutorial” as your search criteria/search phrase. If you end up deciding to switch from Evernote to OneNote, the following link will bring you to a data migration tool that will help you get your notes out of Evernote and into OneNote…


Wireless Headphones for Sleeping

If you’ve ever tried to wear/use normal headphones or earbuds in bed, you’ve likely discovered that they’re just not comfortable to use when lying in any position other than being flat on your back. Fortunately, if you search hard and smart enough you can find a few headphone products that are specifically made for use while in bed. Another issue that’s problematic about headphone use in bed is dealing with the headphone cord that often gets in the way as you toss and turn while listening. The following link will lead you to a wireless headphone solution that is specifically engineered for use while in bed/sleeping and since it is wireless. It also eliminates the cord problem mentioned above. (However, it introduces a new problem of remembering to keep the headphones charged…nothing’s perfect…sigh)…

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