Tips on E-Mail Marketing Services and Windows, File Password Removal Help

John Vrooman | July 8, 2016

John Vrooman
John Vrooman

If your computer qualifies for Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade and you haven’t upgraded yet…you’re almost out of time. To learn more, please visit…

Quick Pre-Windows 10 Upgrade Tips

1) Before performing the upgrade, make sure you first install all the available Microsoft Update’s that are currently available for your current computer’s operating system. (To accomplish that…Run Windows Update, do the updates, restart, run Windows Update again…and keep doing updates, re-starting and re-running Windows Update until Windows Update reports that there are no more updates available for your computer.)

2) Please do a full computer system backup right before you attempt to upgrade your computer. (Better safe than sorry!)

E-Mail Marketing Services Review

E-mail marketing is alive and well. If you don’t have access to an e-mail marketing service/platform through your company, or if the one you have access to does not provide certain e-mail marketing features that you want, it may be time to consider an alternative e-mail marketing service. To identify some of the better e-mail marketing services that are available, I Googled the following search phrase “best e-mail marketing platforms 2016” [I did the search without the quotes]. The search results uncovered many promising looking links and I followed a few of them. I’m pleased to report that the links I followed all took me to helpful articles and reviews.

My quick conclusion is that all the services I looked into would likely exceed my (or your) basic needs, as all the services provided standard e-mail marketing functionality. However, should you dig into individual products/services in more detail you’re likely to be introduced to some feature (“A/B Testing” for example) that you may find interesting and that may not be available from all services. Be prepared to spend some time evaluating things as most of the products/services are quite robust and it simply takes time to review all they have to offer. To help you get started, the following links will lead you to articles that identify and review a number of very capable e-mail marketing services…

E-mail Marketing Services Reviews [Article from]

The Best E-mail Marketing Software of 2016 [Article from]
(Tip: I recommend reviewing the comments area (at the end of this article) as some of them contain additional information that you may find helpful)

Resetting or Recovering Windows

Generally speaking, if you invest enough time and effort into researching ways to recover/remove passwords from Windows machines and various types of documents, you’ll likely find a free solution. However, not all solutions are easy to find and/or work through. I would encourage those of you who want to (more easily) remove some outdated, mystery or duplicate Windows user account passwords (so that you can gain access to those accounts again) to check out Daossoft’s “Password Rescuer” product. Although the product(s) you’ll come across at Daossoft’s website are not free, they are easy to use. In addition to helping you out with Windows user account passwords, their products can also help you gain access to many other types of password protected files (including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat files). To learn more about the company’s products and to review the “How to Use Password Rescuer” tutorial, simply visit the following courtesy links…

Password Rescuer’s product developers home page

How to use Password Rescuer

Adjustable and Sturdy

Notebook Computer Stand

If you are looking for a sturdy notebook computer stand you can use in a variety of ways, please take a look at’s “Posture Stand.” The innovative design of the “Posture Stand” enables you to adjust it into a variety of different configurations. Different configurations can help you comfortably use the product…while on the couch, sitting in bed, laying down in bed and also at your regular (sitting) computing workstation by converting it into a standing computer workstation. After familiarizing yourself with the basic design of the product you can go to and do a product search using “adjustable notebook computer stand“ (without the quotes) as your search phrase. The search results will include a number of very similar products that you can purchase at a lower price point. However, over the past few years I’ve purchased, used and broken a couple of the lower cost models. Currently, I’m now using a Posture Stand and it’s definitely a higher quality product than the others I have used. If you or someone you know likes to compute in various situations other than just at a desk, this product could be a nice gift! If you want to learn more, here’s a link to the product’s home page…

Watch Your Back

If any of your computing situations result in you having your back turned away from an area that you wish to be able to better monitor, consider getting a rear-view mirror for your computer workstation. While you can easily create your own rear-view solution using just about any mirror, convex mirrors will likely give you a wider view. If you don’t want to come up with your own rear-view mirror solution for your computing work area, I discovered that actually has some products that are made with this purpose in mind. Simply visit and do a search using “rear view computer mirror” (without the quotes). I suggest you browse through the various product related questions and reviews to gain some additional insight about each products suitability, quality, etc.


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