What’s New with Software Updates, Scheduling Gmail Messages, Gboard, Browser Keyboard Shortcuts?

John Vrooman | May 10, 2019

If you use a computer that’s running the Windows 10 operating system, I want you to know that a new version of the operating system is expected to be released in late May 2019. The new version of the operating system is known as “Windows 10 Version 1903” (a.k.a. “May 2019 Update”). For your review and convenience, the link below will take you to a page at pureinfotech.com that has a long video that introduces and discusses many of the features contained in the update…www.tinyurl.com/y68vtf8g

Tools to Keep Your Windows Computer Software Up to Date

Microsoft Windows includes a “Windows Update” feature that does a good job of keeping the Windows 10 operating system and some other Microsoft software applications up to date and secure. However, most computer users also install additional software programs that Windows Update doesn’t monitor or update. Fortunately, many software programs check for updates on their own, but some do not. To help address this situation, I would encourage you to visit Lifewire.com and review an article titled “10 Free Software Updater Programs.” The “updater programs” that the article mentions can help you identify software programs that you have that may be out of date and that may be able to be updated. Unfortunately, not all software update checkers are able to check for updates for all software programs, so you’ll likely have to manually check for updates for some of your programs. Keeping your computer’s software up to date is important as updates typically include both product and security fixes as well as new features and compatibility improvements. Here’s a link to the article mentioned above…www.tinyurl.com/y5qpcgtx

You Can Now Schedule When A Gmail Message Should Be Sent

Do you use Gmail? If so, you may not be aware that you can now schedule e-mail messages! Over the past month or so, Google has been rolling out some new features to Gmail users. By now, most Gmail users should have received these updates. I believe that for most Gmail users, the most exciting update is the ability to compose e-mails that can be saved and scheduled to be sent later. If you would like to review a short article that shows you how to access and use this new feature, here’s a link to an article titled “How to schedule an email in Gmail” that I found at The Verge’s website…www.tinyurl.com/y2max7ua

Tip: Try googling the names of the software and online services that you use and add some additional keywords such as tips, features, hacks, troubleshooting, solved, update, podcast, etc. to your search criteria. When you do this, you’ll likely discover articles, videos and other resources that may offer you helpful information about the software product or service that you use.

Gboard is an Alternative Keyboard for Your Mobile Device

Did you know that you can install and use alternative keyboards on iOS and Android phones and tablets? If not, I would encourage you to visit your devices app store/play store and search for the free alternative keyboard app called “Gboard” (a.k.a. Google keyboard). Once you have Gboard installed, you might want to check out the helpful tutorial videos below. There’s a good chance that after you learn more about Gboard’s features you may want to configure it to be your devices’ default keyboard!

YouTube Video: Geeks on Tour channel “Install Gboard on Apple iPhone and iPad iOS Tutorial Video 556”

YouTube Video: Geeks on Tour channel ” Install Gboard on Android Phones Tutorial Video 557″

Article: “13 handy hidden shortcuts for Gboard on Android” at computerworld.com

Google’s Chrome Browser Supports Many Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you use Google Chrome as your web browser? If so, please review the keyboard shortcuts that are listed on the Google Chrome support page below. If you use a different web browser, you can find lists of keyboard shortcuts for the browser you use by performing a web search using the name of your browser and “keyboard shortcuts” as your search keywords (e.g. “Safari keyboard shortcuts,” or “Firefox keyboard shortcuts”). Since many computer users spend most of their computing time working within a web browser, it makes sense to learn and use keyboard shortcuts to help increase productivity/efficiency. Here’s a link to a list of Google Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts…www.tinyurl.com/yap9ayg8

Create ‘How to’ Videos Using Screen Recording Software

Recording your computer screen is a great way to create demonstrations and tutorials! If you have an interest in creating videos that involve recording computer screen activity, I would encourage you to review an article I found at the zapier.com website. The title of the article is “The Best Screen Recording Software in 2019.” The article provides concise reviews of several screen recording applications, and I’m confident that you’ll find a suitable application for your screen recording needs. Here’s a link to the article…www.tinyurl.com/y3fqtedd

Google I/O 2019

Google I/O is an annual Google event where new Google devices, services, etc. are often introduced. I always enjoy watching the event’s keynote address as it usually includes demonstrations of new/updated products and services. If you’re interested, you can watch a recording of this year’s Google I/O keynote address by visiting the following web page…www.tinyurl.com/y2zk8d6e


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