What’s the Latest with Capterra.com, Microsoft Office Add-Ins, Online Video Note Taking and More

John Vrooman | October 11, 2016

John Vrooman
John Vrooman

The process of identifying and evaluating software solutions is often frustrating and time consuming. Capterra.com is a free resource that may be able to help you more easily identify suitable software solutions for yourself and/or your business. The Capterra.com website enables you to search for software (hundreds of software categories to choose from) and narrow down the list of possible software solutions by desired/required features. The site also provides software overviews, reviews, links to product websites and in many cases free trial offers. The Capterra.com site also has “Research” and “Blog” sections that you may find useful/helpful to you in some way. I encourage you to check the site out as it’s really quite impressive. The following courtesy links will lead you to a few real estate-related software categories that are found at the Capterra.com website.

Real estate agency software…

Real estate CRM software…

Real estate property management software…

Learn more about the Capterra.com site…

Add-Ins Expand Microsoft Office Program Functionality

If you use Microsoft Office and aren’t familiar with “add-ins” yet, you may be in for a nice surprise. Microsoft Office add-ins enable you to add additional capabilities (features, commands, etc.) to Microsoft Office programs. There are many different types of add-ins and the best way to get a feel for what add-ins are available and how you may be able to benefit from them is to simply explore the Microsoft Office store. The following link will lead you to the Microsoft Office Store where you can select Microsoft Office products and then identify add-ins that will work with them…

If you would like to read a bit more about Microsoft Office add-ins and learn how they are installed, the HowToGeek.com article  does a good job of explaining (and showing) you how to get started.


Tools to Help You Take Notes While Watching Online Videos

Taking notes while watching various types of online videos (online tutorials, courses, reviews, etc.) is an activity that many of us are doing these days. I recently came across a couple of tools that make taking notes while watching online videos on your computer more convenient and productive. Both tools are similar in that they allow you to watch the video on one side of your screen while simultaneously writing notes on the other. A particularly nice feature that these tools provide is automatic note time stamping. Note time stamping enables you to return back to a point in a video where you recorded a note more easily. Although the tools that follow don’t work with all video sources, between the two of them most popular online video/learning sites are supported. I would encourage you to give these tools a try now, so that you can use them more easily later.



How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 7, Windows 10 Computers

Imagine that you are connected to a password protected Wi-Fi connection and someone asks you for the password so that they can also connect to the Wi-Fi network. Now imagine that you don’t remember what the password is, or where it’s saved. The following web page that I came across at the guidingtech.com website will show you how you can retrieve the Wi-Fi passwords that you have stored on your (or someone else’s) Windows 7, Windows 10 computer(s). Tip: The same password retrieval techniques that are described in the article linked below can be used on other people’s Windows 7-10 computers so that they can find and share stored Wi-Fi passwords with you, too.


Google’s Latest Products

I think that everyone who has an interest in technology products and trends should make a point of watching technology vendors developer conferences and product announcement events. Why? Because it’s at these types of events where you typically get to see and learn about new products and services, as well as gain insight about future company plans and products. Google recently hosted an event where it introduced a number of new products. If you’re interested in learning about these new products, please visit the “#madebygoogle” event and related products webpages below…

Video of Google’s “#madebygoogle“ event…

Products announced at Google’s “#madebygoogle“ event …

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