What’s the Latest With Google and Apple Events, LinkedIn Marketing and Glif Tripod Mount/Stand

John Vrooman | June 8, 2017

Google held its annual “Google I/O” developers conference back in May. Similarly, in early June, Apple held its annual “WWDC” (World Wide Developers Conference) event. At these events, Google and Apple introduced their respective company’s latest and greatest products and services. Fortunately, if you’re like me and enjoy these types of events, you might be interested in knowing that the keynote addresses at both events were recorded and are available to be watched at your convenience. The following links lead to web pages where you can watch them…

Google I/O Keynote (2017)

Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote address

LinkedIn Marketing

Are you familiar with LinkedIn’s various marketing solutions? If you haven’t explored LinkedIn’s marketing options lately, you may want to take some time out to explore what’s available. LinkedIn (like most major social media platforms) is continually introducing new/updated marketing options and services. The following courtesy ink will lead you to a web page that provides you with an easy way to navigate your way through LinkedIn’s various marketing solutions…

Windows 10’s ‘Notifications and Action’ Settings

If you use a computer that runs the Windows 10 operating system, at some point you are likely going to stumble upon the operating systems “Notifications and Actions” setting area. I would encourage Windows 10 users to review the settings and configuration options that are available in the “Notifications and actions” area, because you may find solutions to some nuisance notifications that you may be experiencing. To help with this, the link below will lead you to a windowscentral.com article that will tell you how to access that area of the Windows 10 operating system as well as provide you with a nice overview of the settings that you may encounter while exploring. Those of you who “present” from your computer may want to keep an eye out for setting(s) that allow notifications to be turned off while presenting.

Want to Switch From an iPhone to an Android Phone?

For whatever reason, have you been thinking about switching from an iPhone to an Android phone? If so, I’m pretty sure that you would be interested in reading an article about the process of making the switch. I recently came across an article on the topic at the howtogeek.com website. I would encourage those who are interested in the topic at hand to check it out. Here’s a courtesy link to the article…

How to do a Clean Install/Reinstall Of Adobe’s Flash Player

In a nutshell, the Adobe Flash Player is a software application that enables you to view certain types of online/streaming multimedia content on computing devices. In the past, Adobe Flash was a more necessary application than it is today. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few situations where you may still need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Occasionally, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to fix, delete and/or reinstall an Adobe Flash installation (e.g. sometimes installations get corrupted and/or a specific version of Adobe Flash is needed). When situations such as these arise the fix to the problem is sometimes to simply perform a clean Adobe Flash install/reinstall. The following link will lead you to a web page that can help you to get Adobe Flash properly removed and if needed reinstalled…

Glif Smartphone Tripod Mount/Stand

A recent gadget that caught my attention is a smartphone tripod mount/stand called the “Glif,” which is a small device that can hold smartphones in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Additionally, since the device has three tripod mounting/connection options you can attach additional accessories to the mounts that aren’t in use (e.g. a lighting solution, microphone and/or a handgrip). If this brief product description has caught your attention, I would encourage you to visit the product’s website as it shows both the product and some examples of the different ways that it can be used. Here’s a courtesy link to get you on your way…

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