Richard Haggerty | September 2017

In mid-August President-Elect Barry Kramer and I made the trek to Chicago for NAR’s annual Leadership Summit for CEOs and President-Elects. The theme for this year’s conference was “Own It,” and many of the presentations flowed into that theme. Going into the program I thought “own it” referred to taking responsibility for one’s actions, but after a day-and-a-half of Summit programing, I realized that the concept of “own it” was much larger than I originally thought.

It’s very easy to be reactive in life—to deal with situations and circumstances as they occur, to the best of our ability. Sometimes we have no choice but to be reactive if thrown a curve ball out of left field that we didn’t anticipate. However, a big part of “owning it” is being proactive and taking charge of our own destiny through the choices we make and keeping constantly engaged with our current environment.

Here’s a brief list of my take-aways from the presenters at the conference concerning the concept of “owning it.”

“Acknowledge obstacles, but don’t empower them.”

“Advocate, engage, lead.”

“Think big—execute small.”

“Be nimble, memorable, and trustworthy.”

“Think evolution instead of disruption.”

“Get to the point.”

“Know your next generation customer.”

“What energy do you bring into a room?”

“High touch and high impact.”

“Focus on new opportunities.”

“Professionalism is an attitude.”

All of these ideas truly resonate with me. Change is inevitable. We’ve heard that catch phrase so many times that we often forget just how important the message is. Even more important is how we deal with change. Are we proactive? Are we prepared? Does change catch us flat footed? Are we positioned to not only deal with change, but use it to our advantage? I think if we embrace the ideas listed above we can do just that.

Our mission at HGAR is to create opportunities for our members to grow their businesses and succeed in their communities. To successfully accomplish this HGAR offers programs and services that help our members thrive in a constantly evolving marketplace. The sold out “Tech-Edge” event that we held this summer was such an event and the Global Real Estate Summit, which we are conducting with the Staten Island Board of Realtors, on October 2nd at the Marriot Marquis in Manhattan, is another such event. There is a tremendous amount of global real estate activity conducted in our market area and we want to provide our members with the information and tools to take advantage of this growing market. Please visit GLOBALREALESTATENYC.COM for more information.

Lastly, sometimes circumstances occur that are indeed beyond our control. As I write this article, Texas residents continue to cope with the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, and Florida residents are bracing for Hurricane Irma. Please consider making a donation to the NAR Disaster Relief Fund at or


Richard Haggerty