Richard Haggerty | March 2017

Richard K. Haggerty, HGAR CEO

Relationship gurus will tell you that the key to any successful relationship is communication, and the lynchpin to successful communication is listening. HGAR is actively engaged in strategic planning for the association and one of the primary areas of focus with this endeavor is communications.

HGAR President Dorothy Botsoe appointed a Work Group for this initiative and after only two meetings the Work Group has already zeroed on finding effective ways of not just communicating with our members, but also analyzing how well we listen to our members.

In order to effectively listen to our members we need to offer opportunities for conversation. One of President Botsoe’s first initiatives was conducting “teas” at HGAR’s three locations, inviting the members to come to the office to meet with her and discuss any and all issues. Dorothy doesn’t do a lot of talking at these sessions; she listens and actively solicits feedback.

Other early ideas that the communications work group are considering include a “virtual” suggestion box where members can e-mail suggestions, as well as HGAR conducting focus groups and surveys. I believe these are great starting points, but they will only succeed if our members actively participate in the conversations.

Communication is a two-way street, but it is often tempting to forget that fact and assume that we know what the members want and we know the best ways to deliver the information. We cannot afford to make such a foolish assumption and we need you, our members, to be active participants in a conversation about the direction of the Association and how HGAR can most effectively help our members succeed and thrive.


Richard Haggerty