Putnam Posting: New Commercial Real Estate Group to Boost Putnam County’s Exposure

Jennifer Maher | July 2018

Beginning June 4, 2018, a new chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors (NYSCAR) was approved to serve the Greater Putnam and Westchester County areas.

This group will meet once a month, rotating between Putnam and Westchester. Its sole purpose is to bring commercial brokers together to share commercial real estate inventory they have listed and meet the needs of buyers/tenants. Affiliated businesses are also welcome to join as affiliate members.

NYSCAR is an organization within the New York State Association of Realtors. In addition to hosting commercial real estate marketing sessions, they are very involved with the Real Estate Political Action Committee. Since 1969, RPAC has promoted the election of pro-Realtor candidates across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is to raise and spend money to elect candidates who understand and support their interests. RPAC doesn’t buy votes. RPAC enables Realtors to support candidates that support the issues that are important to their profession and livelihood. RPAC also lobbies against or for legislation that will harm or positively affect the Real Estate Industry.

What Does This Mean for Putnam County?

Having local brokers attend and exchange their inventory will bring much more exposure to the properties available in Putnam County. Open market always drives value up. Exposure also ensures that more potential buyers and businesses will see the opportunities we have to offer here in Putnam County.

The launch meeting will be September 18th at the Spain Cornerstone Park Conference Room. Putnam County Executive Maryellen Odell will be the keynote speaker followed by a marketing session. The full schedule is: 8:30 a.m.- 9:00 a.m. networking breakfast, 9:00 a.m. keynote speaker with Q & A. 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. marketing session. All Brokers and affiliate businesses are welcome to attend.

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is chairwoman, the Putnam County Business Council and currently serves as the president of the Putnam/Westchester Chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors.