PRESIDENT'S CORNER: Please be Sure to Tip Your Server

Drew Kessler | October 2015

Okay, where can I possible go with that title? The thought that comes to mind is when you attend a comedy show or dinner show, the on stage talent always makes sure to mention that there are hard working men and women serving the patrons that need to be rewarded for their service.

By the time this article hits the newsstands we will be holding our Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Day where 75 HGAR affiliates fill our halls pitching their products and services. In my opinion these affiliates are servers that are always there for us in many capacities.

In full disclosure, I wear a couple of hats, one of them being an affiliate member so I believe I can speak from the perspective of an affiliate member. As an affiliate member, my company is routinely asked to participate financially in many functions the board offers. We are asked to participate in RPAC. We are also asked to participate in educating the members as topics arise. The point I am bringing forward is not to bring to light the many different “asks” the board makes, but rather the fact that we have affiliates that are always there for our members to serve in any capacity they are asked. From financial contributions to educating our members and everything in between they are always there when we call on them.

There are two firms I would like to recognize and they are ASAP Mortgage led by Irene Amato and Prospect Lending led by Donald Arace. These two affiliates step up every time they are asked and routinely take top billing at our events.

So why do I bring this to light? I cannot stress enough the importance of giving these companies an opportunity for your business. We need to take care of our own and these companies are part of our family. During agents day alone these affiliates will be laying out a large amount of money along with dedicating an entire day between setup and take down sharing their services with us. It is our responsibility to go local first and pass our affiliates’ services on to our clients and our firms. My hope is we all believe in the concept of supporting local businesses and these affiliates are just that. They are faces in our community that work hand-in-hand with us in the real estate industry.

For those who currently follow my logic and use the services of our affiliates, I say thank you. For those who do not, I ask that you:


If anybody ever has any questions or issues that I can address please feel free to contact me. Thank you for the honor of leading our organization this year and I continue to look forward to the journey.

Drew Kessler
HGAR President