Off to NYSAR’s Fall Meetings

Drew Kessler | September 2015

Before I write on my topic for this issue I wanted to provide an update from my last article. My nine -month pregnant wife and I survived our road trip through 12 states and 3,500 miles with four kids and a dog in tow and made it home safe and sound and still pregnant. The trip had its moments of difficulties, but was far outweighed by the moments that will be in our memories forever. If you have never packed up your family for a long road trip, please give it some thought; the bonding that occurs is incredible and as mentioned, the memories are for life.

On to My Topic…

I have been attending NYSAR meetings as a Director for almost a decade and have had the opportunity to be part of the organization holding many different roles and gaining new perspectives. Coming from the much smaller Rockland Board, we sent up a few directors to the fall and winter meetings compared to the 25 we currently send from HGAR. In the initial years, I was very fortunate to have mentors such as Laurie DiFrancesco and Roberta Bangs show me the lay of the land and provide me with introductions to the Realtors they knew. It was through their guidance that I was able to become part of the group. For this I will forever be grateful,

I mention this because I cannot stress enough how amazing this opportunity has been for me on so many levels. On a professional note it has provided me with insights to the real estate industry that you cannot receive anywhere else, from a social perspective it has created long-term friendships and, on a personal level it has provided me with training through the NYSAR Leadership Academy that has forever shaped how I handle and view all situations. To have a single organization influence your life on so many levels is an incredible thing.

So Why Am I Telling You This? 

Getting involved in the Realtor organization on any level is a commitment, in many cases a big commitment but, based on my experiences on each level that I have been a part of, I can assure you that you will take away so much more than you will ever give.  If you were to ask my wife, I might give a little too much as I am out of the house on average three to four weeks a year attending state and national meetings, but everyone who wishes to participate does not have to make that commitment. If it is a couple of hours a month you can afford to give, please join a HGAR committee, if it is a couple of hours a year you have to spare, join us for Lobby Day. My point is there is a place for everyone. As more of us get involved, the greater our organization becomes.

I have been blessed to have the likes of Laurie and Roberta show me the way and it would be my honor and privilege to pay it forward and help others get involved. If you feel you can give some of your time please let me know and we will find the situation that is best suited for you.

If anybody ever has any questions or issues that I can address please feel free to contact me at Thank you for the honor of leading our organization this year and I continue to look forward to the journey.

Drew Kessler
HGAR President