Putnam Posting: Study Concludes Limited Water, Sewer Curbing the Potential of Development

Jennifer Maher | September 2018

Not too long ago, Putnam County commissioned environmental engineering firm AKRF Inc., as well as Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress to conduct a planning and feasibility study to establish recommendations towards the revitalization and improvements for 10 corridors in the county. The corridors were as follows: 1. Main Street. in villages of Cold Spring and Nelsonville; 2. Routes 53 and 6 in the Hamlet of Carmel; 3. Route 6 in Mahopac; 4. Route 9, Philipstown; 5. Oscawana and Peekskill Hollow Road, Putnam Valley; 6. Route 52 Kent and Carmel; 7. Route 311 and Front Street in Patterson; 8. Route 22 in Southeast; 9. Main Street, Village of Brewster and 10. Route 6/202, Southeast.

There were six techniques used to identify specific areas of focus: trade area delineations of

• 1. Five-, 10- and 15-minute drive time to determine what areas could be reached by a corridor;

• 2. Corridor prioritization, three corridors were selected for additional analysis because they present opportunities for significant transportation and community development improvements, including: Main Street/ Cold Spring, Route 52/6 Hamlet of Carmel, and Route 6 in Mahopac;

• 3. Community outreach with the county and local chamber and elected officials as well as public forums;

• 4. Consumer surveys, were conducted in person and online to gain insight into consumer preferences and behavior;

• 5. Traffic assessment;

• 6. Infrastructure assessment.

The study includes an overview of infrastructure as an economic development tool. The overview basically concludes that without water and sewer we are limiting the potential of the development potential therefore reducing greatly potential developers and end user interest in parcels.

The study also includes information on grants and incentive resources, economic analysis of parking: Free vs Regulated, and last but not least transit-oriented development information guide and zoning recommendations. The study goes on to give considerations for implementation in regards to transit oriented development, including the 4 steps communities need to take in order to successfully implement and develop transit-oriented development. TOD is needed in order to attract and retain millennials and younger to our community to prevent being a stagnant county.

I hope that all elected officials take this information and put it to good use. I am excited to see some action put into place on the heels of such a study! The study is available on the county website for all to read. Click Here to Read.


Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is chairwoman, the Putnam County Business Council and currently serves as the president of the Putnam/Westchester Chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors.