PUTNAM POSTING: Who Says You Can’t Shop Putnam County?

Jennifer Maher | December 10, 2018

We gave this tired old saying a run for our money on “Small Business Saturday.” Thanks to American Express and their promotion of the event, our local press, including radio and TV seemed to give Small Business Saturday as much or more coverage than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Reports from our local businesses all seemed to be positive, and AMEX is continuing to emphasize local businesses in their promotions.

I sure had fun and spent a good deal of money in one day of shopping Putnam! From Synchronicity in Brewster and Katherine’s in Kent to Fanny Doolittle’s in Patterson and Jar Worthy candle shop in Carmel, lunch at Char in Putnam Valley and dinner at Mahopac’s Dish and Cold Spring in between with so many shops in a row! Between the Apothecary, Swing, the General Store and Archipelago there is something for everyone on your holiday list!

Everyone should take a day and shop Putnam. The best part of traversing our county is the beautiful scenery when driving from town to town, making for a fun and relaxing time. It is surely a relaxing and fun day as well. It certainly beats the mall on any day, never mind during holiday crowds.

Small Business Saturday was just one day, but hopefully the momentum generated can continue throughout the year. These family-owned establishments we visited are but a miniscule sample of the kinds of great local businesses eagerly waiting to serve people who forsake the Internet or the mall once in a while to explore our communities.

People are very pleasantly surprised to find out just how much is available when they shop locally and keep not only the tax dollars, but the revenue generated right here at home. This means more money to reinvigorate our neighborhoods, improve our schools, build infrastructure and reinvest in our community. We all have a role in bringing prosperity to Putnam, and it can be as easy as choosing our shopping locations more wisely.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to make “Small Business Everyday” a reality in Putnam County!

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is the founding chairwoman of the Putnam County Business Council and is COO of J. Philip Real Estate.