PUTNAM POSTING: Re-Launching Industrial Development Agency in Putnam County

Jennifer Maher | September 6, 2017

The Putnam County Industrial Development Agency, which nearly disbanded over a year ago, is about to be re-launched. This is very timely and our business community cannot wait. As Legislator Bill Gouldman said, “The future of our county is through developing new opportunities for business and helping current business thrive.”

According to the IDA website “The agency drives the economic vitality of Putnam County by fostering an environment conducive for the creation and retention of business in Putnam County.” The IDA’s mission is “to increase the present industrial tax base in Putnam County and help attract clean, environmentally sensitive manufacturing and industrial interests to the county. The IDA has a wide range of incentives to offer qualified businesses and industrial or manufacturing concerns. Please contact the Putnam Industrial Development Agency directly for information about your particular business.”

Good business development includes the concentration of available resources to attract solid companies that fit in well with our county’s economy, environment, and social fabric. Putnam has consistently lagged behind other counties in this regard, and it is vital that a strong agency be incorporated immediately into the county’s economic development plans.

Currently the Putnam County IDA has an opening on its Board. If you feel you are qualified and can be an asset, please send your resume. The current board members are Dr. Stephen J. Baranowski, William Carlin, Joseph Downey, and Putnam County Chamber President/CEO William H. Nulk. A board member should have a working knowledge of the infrastructure issues, proposed and potential projects in the county. Obviously the new board member should not be seeking political gains. We have enough of that going around.

With a fabulous new tourism director, an EDC director going into her third year, a new simplified approach by the Chamber to economic development and now a revamped IDA, we should be able to register some significant accomplishments in the years ahead.

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is a partner of J. Philip Real Estate and Founding Chairwoman of the Putnam County Business Council.