LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: Summer Co-op Disclosure Bill Update

Philip Weiden | August 2018

The co-op bill continues to be on the agenda of the Westchester County Legislature. Currently the bill contains a 10-day time period in which a board must notify an applicant that they received the application. It also contains a 45-day period from date of receipt to the time they must notify the applicant whether that applicant is accepted or rejected.

The proposal also requires the co-op board to provide a reason in writing stating why an applicant is being denied. The reason this element is critical is so that fair housing agencies can conduct testing to determine if co-op boards are abiding by the law. This is the only effective way to ascertain if the law is being upheld.

The legislation itself must pass the Housing Committee and the Committee on Legislation in order to move the legislation to the full legislature. Changes to the time period could be made. We have turned out at general meetings of the legislature, taken out newspaper ads, and launched calls for action. Please respond to the call for action. It is also imperative that we turn out for the public hearing once the bill reaches the full legislature.

The bill needs nine votes to pass the full legislature. We are also asking every member of the public in support of this to call County Executive Latimer and urge him to sign this legislation into law. https://www.votervoice.net/NYRealtors/campaigns/60371/respond is the link to take action. If you do not live in Westchester County you will not be able to take action. The call for action is not limited to Realtors. Any Westchester resident can take action on this matter. Stay tuned for future updates on this legislation.


Philip Weiden
Legislative Affairs columnist Philip Weiden is the Government Affairs Director for the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors.