PUTNAM POSTING: Unsung Hero Helps Restore the Putnam County IDA

Jennifer Maher | October 2017

Recently at the Putnam County Legislature’s Economic Development Committee meeting, the Putnam County Industrial Development Agency announced it is now in full compliance with the requirements of the New York State Comptroller’s Office and is open for business.

The Legislature was instrumental in its support and assistance as well as the County Executive and her administration. The Facilities Department provided office space used this past summer and the Law Department offered room for meetings while the PCIDA got organized. The County Clerk helped to organize and prepare the large volume of records for proper storage, and the Personnel Department was able to find two extraordinary young people, Tom DeMarchi and Emma Dickinson, who catalogued and digitized records so that we would have the 21st century database management needed to achieve compliance.

Consultant Teri Waivada brought a wealth of experience in guiding the new board through the maze of regulations and requirements to get it all done. Even given all of that support, were it not for the dedication, commitment and tenacity of Putnam County Chamber of Commerce and Carmel Kent Chamber of Commerce CEO Bill Nulk, the mission would still not have been accomplished. Bill has been my unwavering co-captain in this journey we call the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce. Working with me alone deserves a medal of honor. So, thank you Bill!

And, yes, the PCIDA is finally open for business. On Monday, Sept. 11th the Board voted for approval of the resolution to provide benefits for the Ace Endico expansion project in the Town of Southeast. Thank you to the members of the Board of the Putnam County Industrial Development Agency, Steve Baranowski, Bill Carlin, Joe Downey and Bill Nulk; may this be the first of many well reviewed and worthwhile projects that the IDA can help secure for the betterment of Putnam County.

‘Vision Carmel 2020’ Will Propel Town Board To A Master Plan

Since January of 2017, members of the Carmel Town Board have been meeting with the Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce’s (GMCCC’s) Legislative Advocacy Board chairs in developing a strategy for a solid blueprint for economic growth and prosperity in the coming years. Born of a belief that town planning has lost its way in fostering a stronger economy and attracting new business development coupled with the fact that Carmel as the county seat is mirroring what is happening throughout the county, the LAB expects that this new collaborative approach will have a powerful and positive impact.

“Carmel should lead by example,” said Thom Iannicari of Allan Twitty Insurance, a LAB co-chair. “A new master plan that leads the way for the next 25 to 50 years will spark pride for those that work and live here and provide a template for the rest of Putnam County to build upon.” The LAB notes that the last master plan was written 17 years ago, which is considered way too long a gap.

According to the Putnam County Economic Development Corporation, residential property taxes made up 80% of total tax revenue collected in 2016, a difficult burden to bear for those who live here. It is vital we bring in more business to create a more-reasonable 60%-40% residential/commercial tax split. This will help to pay for improvements such as up to date water and sewer systems for new developments, roadways and traffic flows that are conducive to smooth, efficient travel, usable sidewalks and enhanced digital infrastructure.

The LAB seeks smart growth, a more modern mix of owner-occupied versus rental housing, zoning improvements, attraction of more millennials, strong business and education partnerships, and other ideas developed while including the whole community in the discussion. The GMCCC is asking the Town of Carmel to immediately initiate a series of public discussions, seek funding to commence planning, identify goals and objectives, survey and evaluate issues, prepare conceptual designs and recommendations, and create a comprehensive Master Plan by the year 2020.

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is chairwoman, the Putnam County Business Council and currently serves as the president of the Putnam/Westchester Chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors. She is also the Chief Operating Officer, Managing Broker and Partner of J. Philip Real Estate.