HGAR, Broker, Owner, Manager Meeting, Sleepy Hollow Hotel and CC, March 29, 2022

Real Estate In-Depth | April 21, 2022

Thank you to all of our Sponsors who made the BOM event possible.

From left, Dean Bailey; Anthony Domathoti, HGAR President; Gary Leogrande and Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO

From left, Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO; Jana Currier, HGAR COO; Rey Hollingsworth Falu, Co-Chair, HGAR BOM Committee; and Anthony Domathoti, HGAR President

From left, Carol Christiansen and Rey Hollingsworth Falu, Co-Chairs, HGAR BOM Committee

Brian Levine, HGAR Director of Legal Services

Anthony Domathoti, HGAR President

Mike Kelly, NYSAR Government Affairs Director

HGAR had a record 11 sponsors for its first BOM event of 2022.

Dorothy Botsoe

Carmen Bauman

Gail Fattizzi