Grand Concourse Building Trades for More Than $7 Million

Real Estate In-Depth | August 28, 2019

KZA Realty 2021 Grand Concourse

NEW YORK—Kathy Zamechansky, president of KZA Realty Group, Inc., reported the firm recently brokered a deal to sell an 11-story commercial building at 2021 Grand Concourse for $7.25 million. Built in 1927, the property includes 59,292 square feet of commercial space and a pharmacy on the ground floor.

Zamechansky represented the seller, Bronx-based Gara Realty Company, and the buyer, Jeffrey Chera at Chera Realty Group in Brooklyn. The sale reflects the vitality that is taking place borough-wide and along the famous, newly renovated Grand Concourse, KZA Realty states.

“There is a lot of energy taking place along the Concourse and throughout the borough and the new owners are going to bring exciting new services to the building,” said Zamechansky. “The changes taking place on the Concourse—and throughout the Bronx—benefit everyone and we will continue to work with the new owners as they move forward with their plans for the building.”

Buyer Jeffrey Chera is also bullish on the Bronx. “The Bronx has a rich, family-oriented history and we plan to keep it that way,” he said.

A longtime home to medical facilities that provide vital services to the Mount Hope community, 2021 Grand Concourse will be renovated and will continue to serve the neighborhood’s health needs.

“It was a pleasure working with KZA Realty – they’re knowledgeable professionals who really know the Bronx,” said seller Michael Rosenblum. “There is a lot of activity in the Bronx right now, as new construction transforms neighborhoods and helps make buildings like this more valuable.”