State Court Ruling Backs Kiryas Joel’s Annexation

John Jordan | October 12, 2016

MONROE—New York State Supreme Court Justice Gretchen Walsh has found no reason to invalidate the environmental review or the controversial approval of a 164-acre annexation of properties in the Town of Monroe to Kiryas Joel.

The 94-page decision was a victory for Kiryas Joel and a setback for Orange County, eight municipalities and Preserve Hudson Valley who had filed suit last year seeking to set aside the Monroe Town Board’s approval of the environmental review and the 164-acre annexation request.

According to a report in the Middletown Times-Herald Record, Justice Walsh left it up to the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court whether the environmental review on a separate 507-acre annexation request, which was rejected by the Town of Monroe, was sufficient. Kiryas Joel has filed an appeal of Town of Monroe’s rejection with the State Appellate Division. See story in the Middletown Times-Herald Record.

The Orange County Legislature is set to review a proposal put forth by Kiryas Joel to form the Town of North Monroe that would include the existing Kiryas Joel and an additional 382 acres outside of its borders.


John Jordan
Editor, Real Estate In-Depth