Westchester County Association Rebrands As Economic Development Organization

Real Estate In-Depth | September 11, 2018

William M. Mooney, Jr., president and CEO of the Westchester County Association.

WHITE PLAINS—The Westchester County Association reported on Sept. 10 that it completed a years-long transition from a business membership organization to what it termed as Westchester’s most “powerful economic development entity.”

To better reflect its policy and action-oriented identity, the Westchester County Association unveiled its first major brand realignment since it was founded in 1950. The new brand emphasizes the WCA’s heightened focus on its high-level advocacy and sets the stage for a series of major new economic development initiatives to follow in the coming months., WCA officials stated.

“The Westchester County Association is synonymous with economic development in Westchester. This new brand reflects that reality,” said William P. Harrington, chairman of the WCA.

“We are proud to be the only organization completely dedicated to the development and advocacy of policies that will support our members and grow Westchester’s economy. It is what we eat, sleep and breathe,” added William M. Mooney, Jr., president and CEO of the Westchester County Association.

The centerpiece of the WCA’s new brand is a completely redesigned website (www.westchester.org) that will serve as a tool for its members: connecting businesses, non-profits and municipalities. The website will house the WCA’s original reports, analyses, white papers and plans, including the Healthcare Advocacy Plan to control health care costs in New York, and the Land Use Development Playbook, which identifies and outlines land use policies and strategies to streamline and improve the planning, zoning and approval processes in municipalities across the county.

With its new look, including a modernized logo, the Westchester County Association will continue to be the region’s economic development advocacy organization, focused on developing and advancing smart-growth policies, particularly in the areas of healthcare, real estate and housing, workforce development, gigabit-speed broadband connectivity, and closing the digital divide, the WCA stated in a press announcement of the rebranding initiative.

“For nearly 70 years, the Westchester County Association is unparalleled in delivering results on behalf of its members,” said Susan Fox, president and CEO of White Plains Hospital. “Their deep understanding of healthcare policy, extensive relationships with decision makers and expertise in building consensus around solutions to complex challenges is a tremendous resource for businesses.”

“What sets the Westchester County Association apart is its ability to consistently move the needle in a way that drives economic development,” said William V. Cuddy, Jr., executive vice president at CBRE. “From securing much-needed land use regulatory reforms to winning the support of elected officials for consequential development projects, there is not a more effective advocate for economic growth in this region than the Westchester County Association.”