J. Philip Real Estate Adds 13 Agents to its Real Estate Sales Team

Real Estate In-Depth | April 8, 2021

J. Philip Real Estate announced recently that it had added 13 new and seasoned agents to its expanding real estate sales team.

Joshua Gilchrest
 Tim Judge
Jenifer Ross
James Shalley
Lillian Backer
 Vincent Bonanno
Danielle DiMichele
 Teodoro Thimodent
 Marci Bendel
Olivia Diaz
Keri Kenny
Austin Pritz
Tori Weissledeer

New agents in the brokerage firm’s Westchester and Putnam offices include: Briarcliff Office Agents: Joshua Gilchrest, Tim Judge, Jenifer Ross and James Shalley; Pelham Office Agents: Lillian Backer, Vincent Bonanno, Danielle DiMichele and Teodoro Thimodent; Mahopac Office Agents (Putnam County): Marci Bendel; Olivia Diaz, Keri Kenny, Austin Pritz and Tori Weissleder.