Kathryn Maloney Promoted to Executive VP of Orange Bank & Trust Company

Real Estate In-Depth | December 9, 2020

Kathryn Maloney

The Board of Directors and Orange Bank & Trust Company President and CEO Michael Gilfeather recently announced the promotion of Kathryn Maloney, SVP, Trust Services Director, to Executive Vice President.

Maloney joined Orange Bank & Trust in 2014 as a Senior Vice President and Trust Services Director to lead the Trust Division in Orange County, develop another division in Westchester County, and to grow the Special Needs Trusts portfolio.

In the six years Maloney has been with the bank, she has led her team to grow the department by $217 million (79% growth) in assets under management. She has been working on the rollout of the Orange Wealth Management program which is comprised of: Orange Wealth Solutions (Financial Planning), Orange Wealth Navigator (Account Aggregation), and the Document Vault (Online Record Retention).

Prior to joining Orange Bank & Trust, she worked in ever increasing roles at M & T Bank, Fiduciary Trust, Bank of America, Bank of Millbrook and Hudson Valley Bank.