Hudson Affiliates Sponsor Ardsley Cub Scouts Event

Real Estate In-Depth | February 17, 2016

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby

ARDSLEY—Saturday, Jan. 31 was an exciting day at the Ardsley Middle School as the Pack#3 Cub Scouts carried-on the tradition of racing cars carefully crafted from a block of wood, four axels and plastic wheels.

Cheryl Mathew, broker/owner of Hudson Affiliates, Inc. of White Plains, was on hand to judge and present speed trophies and special awards such as “Best Paint,” “Most Aerodynamic” and “Patriotic.” Hudson Affiliates has been sponsoring this event for 20 years and Matthew said she is proud of the contribution.

“The Pine Wood Derby is not about winning or losing. Its real beauty is to give scouts and their parents and supporters opportunities to work together on an exciting project that will leave fond memories for years to come,” she said.

Creating a racecar is a process, which includes attending workshops where assistance is provided by parents and talented community members. Goodwill, one of the cub scouts’ laws, is fostered throughout the process, Matthew related.