PRESIDENT'S CORNER: A Heartfelt Thank You

Drew Kessler | December 21, 2015

Drew Kessler  HGAR President
Drew Kessler
HGAR President

I would like to finish the year as I started it by saying thank you. Thank you for giving me the honor and opportunity to lead this organization. Looking back on the year we established three main priorities and together we set out to do some amazing things.

As an organization we strive to set our own lofty goals, however, we do not get a say in the setting of our RPAC goal. Entering this year we had a staggering goal set by NAR of $144,787 and with a sense of great excitement we surpassed the number at our last RPAC function held at Levity Live. Our association had 2,445 members make a contribution of at least $15 and our total was more than $149,000. Thank you to all 2,445 members who understand the importance of making the investment into RPAC. Special thanks go out to HGAR’s Mary Prenon and Philip Weiden who orchestrated our events and ensured their success.

Another area of focus was communications and specifically the rebranding of our image. Mission accomplished. Have you seen our new logo? Have you been on our new website, The logo is brilliant and the website rivals that of any trade association. Kudos to Tracy Weir who did the design work on both the logo and the website and our Communications and Branding committees for all they did under the leadership of Debra Budetti, Kathy Milich and Diane Cummins.

When the year began I asked Michael Graessle to chair a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) to put together a structure that would allow for the Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation to be re-launched with a clear purpose and direction. Michael and his group met nine times and produced a foundation structure that was basically created from scratch. The group held our 1st annual Foundation Gala netting $15,000 and combined with other funds raising, a total of $75,000 has been amassed. With the help of the Leadership Committee, a slate of Trustees for the foundation has been developed. In the coming year the Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation will have a purpose, be provided with funds to operate and have its leaders in place. Amazing work by all involved and I cannot be more grateful to see a vision realized.

You can see it has been a busy year, a year in which we accomplished so many more things than I am highlighting in the column. For every committee member who donated his or her time please know how grateful I am for your service. To the committee chairs, thank you for your leadership and direction. To the HGAR Board of Directors and HGMLS Board of Directors thank you for stepping up and leading this organization. The time and effort you put in is seen by the grand nature of all we accomplished. Lastly in this thank you section, a special thanks goes to my Executive Committee, it is this group that allowed me to bounce my crazy ideas off them and were there to lend an ear and more importantly direction.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the Hudson Gateway staff under CEO Richard Haggerty. While I got to lead the organization for a year it is these people that do all the work. Thank you: Richard, Ann, Karen, Vicky, Leon, Gary, Eileen, Jeff, Mary, Cathleen, Phil, Michelle, Lisa, Kristine, Roseanne, Scott, Diane, Karen, Marie, Emily, Ann, Leah, Jennifer, Nancy and Jenny.

I wish all the best to Marcene and her board for a great year.

Drew Kessler
HGAR President