Richard Haggerty | September 16, 2019

Earlier this year, HGAR embarked upon a new strategic planning process. Our previous strategic plan was implemented in 2014 and while that plan has served us well, it was time to take stock of the organization and develop a new road map on how to move forward with the greatest possible impact to benefit the members.

The strategic planning process was facilitated by NAR Past President Ron Phipps—in my opinion a true visionary leader who recognizes the challenges and opportunities currently facing the real estate industry. Not only was Ron a font of knowledge and experience during the whole process, he kept the Strategic Planning Task Force focused and stimulated them to think in creative and innovative directions.

Members of the Strategic Planning Task Force included John Barrett, Carmen Bauman, Emi Cacace, Tony D’Anzica, Katheryn DeClerck, Deborah Doern, Anthony Domathoti, Gail Fattizzi, Geoffrey Green, Ron Garafalo, Irene Guanill, Crystal Hawkins Syska, Patricia Holmes, Barry Kramer and Renee Zurlo.

In total, the Strategic Planning Task Force met for a day-and-a-half off site to take a very deep dive into the substantive issues which formed the foundation of plan, and then another half-day meeting to finalize the plan. The plan was adopted by the HGAR Board of Directors on September 11th, and includes five main components or “pillars”—advocacy, leadership, professional development, engagement and success.

Each of these five pillars have action items to flesh out the main topics. Advocacy includes an action item to develop Realtor leadership to advocate for and collaborate with the public, consumers, and other allied organizations to protect real property rights through legislative and other means. The Task Force felt that this type of grassroots advocacy where we create strategic partnerships to achieve our goals would be more effective in our current political climate.

Under the leadership pillar is an action item identifying, cultivating and supporting future leaders—visionaries and implementers—recognizing that we have to focus not just on the present to the exclusion of the future. Another action item under leadership is influencing and leading policy initiatives on the state and national level.

The professional development level includes action items expressing our core commitment to supporting and promoting professional standards and the Code of Ethics. This level also includes action items promoting global opportunities and commercial investment opportunities.

For the engagement pillar there is an initiative to create and deliver a “broker tool kit” to help managers and broker owners to deliver the most current information to their affiliated agents, as well as an initiative to strengthen our association’s membership outreach and onboarding.

Finally, for the success pillar, the plan includes action items to be the first point of contact and primary resource for our Realtor members, as well as an action item to provide Realtor members with the best tools and services for a superior consumer experience.

These are just a few glimpses into the details of the Strategic Plan. Please take some time to review the whole plan, which appears below. The next step is for President Ron Garafalo and President-Elect Gail Fattizzi to appoint special task forces to develop action and implementation plans for each pillar, always keeping in mind that the plan’s main goal is to create an association that is member-centric and that results in significant and measurable benefits to all of our members.

HGAR Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Richard Haggerty