PRESIDENT'S CORNER: We are the World: Closing Out the Year

Dorothy Botsoe | December 12, 2017

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

It’s here, December, which means January will be knocking on our doors shortly. And 2017 was a year filled with the courage to accept change and make some new moves. From our Grand Gala top of the year kick-off, to tea parties, to our Global Real Estate Conference, it’s been a great journey. “We are the world”—I have been honored to be your president. This is our board!

As we all know, the real-estate business is not easy, but one I truly love. Much like so many of you, being a part of providing the path to a new home for so many people warms my heart. We truly have come a long way this year in reconnecting and communicating, laying the foundation for HGAR’s 2018 goals. Some of those goals included a commitment to institute Leadership Training for the HGAR and HGMLS boards as a way to increase a clearer understanding of the role of the boards. These training sessions will help develop a dialogue where we begin to speak the “same language,” share the “same vision,” and articulate the “same message points and mission” about what defines the organization. Our communication and collaboration remains a key ingredient to our success and I am thrilled the training initiative is going to be launched. So, as I pass the baton to the next president, there is a strong platform to continue to build on. Let’s take a look back at some of our year together:

In the past 12 months, we have enjoyed a great dialogue in an attempt to answer questions and industry concerns over “tea” in my “Tea with the President” sessions, which started in February. Thanks to all the members, who sipped tea with me—our conversations were thoughtful and action-oriented. It was a valuable experience to learn from the membership in this way.

Also in February, many of us joined millions of women across the country for the “Women’s March.” A platform once again for our collective voices to embrace and tackle tough issues facing our communities while also helping us as Realtors recognize the enormous buying power of women in today’s real estate market.

In March and May we made our voices heard in support of RPAC (the Realtors Political Action Committee). Many of you joined me on the bus ride to Albany in support of RPAC to make sure that our rights and interest in home ownership as Realtors are protected.

In April we celebrated Fair Housing month, which was a reminder of our power as Realtors. We are held to a higher standard based on our Realtor Code of Ethics. Home ownership provides shelter and brings stability to a family and the community.

Then as we approached summer in June, July and August, we took a look at self-care, relaxation, staying motivated and what it means to take a time-out for rejuvenation.

Then, as we settled into the fall, September marked Real Estate Safety Month and we reviewed the importance of our own safety precautions that we must take when showing houses and working with people through the Internet in today’s technical business model.

Our Global Real-estate Conference in October left most of us feeling like we could easily go worldwide with the way real estate commands so much buying power across the borders. Dubai here I come!

However, it takes a strong foundation to help keep us all grounded. Therefore, I advocated for creating a strategic committee to oversee the Governance Working Group and the Communications Working Group, which will lead to a restructuring of leadership to be more effective in their roles.

This is a major accomplishment towards our being more organized and focused. The Communications Group is planning to release a new communications system, which will give our board a better and more efficient way to communicate with the membership and encourage members to also communicate with the board. It is called HGAR’s new Marketing Automation System and is expected to be launched during the first quarter of 2018

So, that leaves us with our end of the year holiday thoughts of gratitude that I shared with you in November as many of us celebrated the power of family and friends around our dining room tables where we broke bread with loved ones. As Realtors, we still hold the keys to opening the door to someone’s homeownership dream and what an honor it is to be a part of a community that’s not afraid to lead the way and meet our challenges together.

And now, with December upon us, with holiday cheer and great gratitude I close out this amazing assignment as 2017 President, with joy, peace and a profound appreciation for all of you. #wearetheworld. Let’s stay the course and stay in touch.

Please feel free to contact me at or at 914-328-3650.

Dorothy Botsoe
Dorothy Botsoe is 2017 President of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, Inc.