PRESIDENT'S CORNER: Our Victories Require Hard Work and Participation

Dorothy Botsoe | May 22, 2017

Dorothy Botsoe
HGAR 2017 President

“Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” – Jimmy Carter

It’s May and our real estate season is off to a good start! But to keep bearing “good fruit,” we must keep the pressure on our state legislators to promote our agenda and I urge all Realtors to come together for our LOBBY DAY trip to Albany on May 23rd to show our support for their efforts to help us continue to be a positive force in the industry.

Part of our ongoing work is to make sure Realtors remain the first and central point of contact in the real estate transaction. As your professional association and with the influence of RPAC—we can do that. And besides, I firmly believe that what’s good for Realtors is good for the American people.

Homeowners, and homeownership, have gained a tremendous boost from our successful efforts in such areas as preserving the mortgage interest deduction and advocating for new financing options. Our battle to keep banking conglomerates from taking over every aspect of the real estate transaction is another battle that we have waged and won on behalf of the Realtors and the American public. These successes were made possible with contributions to RPAC.

Every legislative effort we undertake—whether on Capitol Hill, in state capitals, or at local city and town halls—is made possible through the Realtors Political Action Committee. In case you aren’t aware, just 30% of RPAC donations are forwarded to the National Association, with the balance left for use in state and local elections.

Which candidates benefit from RPAC support? In the past year or so, NAR leadership has coined the phrase the “REALTOR® Party.” The philosophy behind it is simple: Through RPAC, we back candidates who support the Realtor agenda, regardless of their party affiliation. This is the power of working together at its best.

We believe that message has carried a lot of weight with you. Just a few years ago, participation in RPAC was at about 25%. However, I believe, to be even more effective we need to continue raising our RPAC participation level. We’re striving to reach 50% annual participation by Realtors and I frankly hope we far exceed that percentage this year. It’s simply unfair that fewer than half our members carry the weight of supporting RPAC.

Please take the time to contribute your fair share and carry this message to others you know who haven’t participated. In doing so, we’ll continue to ensure that the collective voice of Realtors is heard loud and clear by our elected officials.

Perhaps that sounds self-serving to some. To my ears, it sounds like an effective way to maintain the strongest cog in our nation’s economy. From the mortgage interest deduction, the STAR program, to property tax reform, RPAC protects our business with consumer advocacy and fights for our industry and keeps eyes out on current, pending, and proposed legislation that will impact our business and how we conduct our day-to-day business.

Our success as Realtors is about the consumer and making sure that the consumer is protected and has the right to maintain their property rights. We, as Realtors, must remain vigilant and be aware of any situation that will adversely impact our consumers who are our buyers and sellers, and the new incoming buyers or people thinking about becoming home owners.

Our RPAC dollars go a long way to make sure that we support Realtor-friendly legislators who understand our causes and help us protect the consumer’s rights to home ownership and our rights as their representatives in the process.

I challenge each and every fellow Realtor to make the investment in your business and your industry. We cannot do this without you and in order for our voices to be heard we must come together as one. #We are the World”

One of my goals as President this year is to make sure we are able to reach the threshold of participation by a majority of our HGAR family of Realtors and also meet our goal that has been set for us. We made our RPAC goal in 2016 but missed the mark in participation goal by our membership. Look around you and do not think that the next person beside you will contribute because they make more money than you. It is all about you and your success in real estate.

I need you and we need each other. You can make a pledge and call me at 914-450-0600 or e-mail me at DOROTHY@DOROTHYJENSENREALTY,INC and I will be happy to stop in for a few minutes to chat, have a cup of tea, and pick up your pledge and share my enthusiasm for RPAC with you and discuss why I personally make impactful donations. It is not only about the causes we fight for but also the rights RPAC helps us gain in our daily business transactions.

This is my one and only job as a Realtor, and I must encourage all of us to fight the fight for the preservation of property rights and home ownership.

Please, I urge you to join me on our Lobby Day trip to Albany on May 23rd to talk to our legislators and impress upon them our concerns and provide support to them in their support of our industry. We can do this together and keep the pressure on for positive change.

Looking forward to seeing you on the bus soon!

Dorothy Botsoe
Dorothy Botsoe is 2017 President of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, Inc.