Drew Kessler | November 25, 2015

Over the past year I have used my column to inform the membership of our organization’s activities along with using this venue to put my hand out with an ask. Sticking with the precedent I have set forth, below you will find my final ask of the year.

A key priority this year was to focus on our charitable giving as an organization along with getting the word out to our communities that HGAR, as an organization, gives back.

In the coming weeks many of you will be attending the Triple Play convention in Atlantic City, NJ and for the first time the local hosts are putting on a food drive to support the city’s homeless population. I applaud their efforts and this initiative reminded me that as the holidays approach we should mirror this effort and have a food drive to support those less fortunate than us in our local communities.

Now for the ask…

Will you contribute something to this drive? Can you spare a jar of peanut butter or some canned goods so our local children do not go hungry this holiday season? There will be boxes located at each of the board offices in Goshen, West Nyack and White Plains. Please take this opportunity to start a collection in your office or use the board offices to make your donation.

My ask does not stop there…

Growing up my mother instilled in me that when you visit someone you bring along something to give them as a little thank you for the invite. We should practice this philosophy as we make the trip to Atlantic City. As you collect your donations please add one item and mark on it AC so we can provide assistance in the efforts of our Triple Play hosts.

My promise to you is that this is my last ask for the year and I thank you for the support.

Drew Kessler
HGAR President