PUTNAM POSTING: The ‘Logistics’ of Prosperity for Putnam County

Jennifer Maher | July 5, 2018

On Monday, July 9, a Town Board Work Session and presentation was scheduled on a large project proposed for Southeast. The proposal by Northeast Logistics, a refrigerated trucking company out of Oregon, involves more than 1.1 million square feet of warehouse/distribution space in four separate buildings. The project is located on Pugsley Road off Route 312, abutting Tilly Foster Farm.

The proposed Northeast Interstate Logistics Center would include four buildings ranging in size from 173,775 square feet to 366,404 square feet, amendments to the Town of Southeast zoning map and zoning ordinance, modification to two ridgelines located within the Ridgeline Protection Overlay District, and the re-subdivision of 156 tax parcels into five. Another lot would also be created with a lot line adjustment. The proposed buildings would be located on proposed Lots 1, 2, and 3; Lot 4 would remain vacant except for potable water wells; Lot 5 would be donated to Putnam County for new access to Tilly Foster Farm and potential related uses; and Lot 6 deeded to the New York State Department of Transportation to accommodate traffic improvements that would be constructed as part of the proposed project.

The scope of the project is quite large, however its location right off I-84 is perfect. Concerns are rightly being raised over environmental impacts, traffic and other potential quality of life issues, however, all are encouraged to attend the meetings and gather the facts before forming an opinion. Some of the key questions should address: How many jobs will be created? What will the ratables be in providing assistance to the Town of Southeast as well as the county? What are the proposed traffic improvements? How many employees will travel into the county to shop and dine here? Can this project help in the success of Tilly Foster Farm by bringing in companies who can help support environmental preservation efforts as part of their corporate responsibility programs?

This project’s potential to bring business to the county should be studied. With Patterson Crossing teetering after decades of controversy and discussions, let’s learn our lesson and get involved early. A vocal minority of NIMBYs are influencing economic development in our county due to a lack of interest from the community at large. We need to welcome new business to this county in order to sustain our economy, and it can be done in an environmentally as well as economically sustainable manner.

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is a partner of J. Philip Real Estate and Founding Chairwoman of the Putnam County Business Council.