PUTNAM POSTING: With Dish’s Departure, Can We Help the Next Entrepreneur Succeed?

Jennifer Maher | October 9, 2019

One of my favorite Putnam County restaurants, Dish Bistro in Mahopac, closed its doors last week for good, after quite a successful run across several owners. None, however, did as well as Chef Peter Milano.

Peter is not a classically trained chef, but rather self-taught. He travels the world to work with talented chefs from different countries and he brought that knowledge back to Dish to create menus and wine pairing dinners to showcase his new skills and recipes. Despite the delicious food and drinks, Dish was never as busy as it deserved to be.

Losing another great restaurant makes one lament the many restaurants that have come and gone in the area. Does Putnam County support its favorite dining establishments? It seems to be the case that people will come out for good food; Las Mananitas had a waiting line and the place was filled with about 300 patrons plus a wedding for 80 people in a tent on the lawn. I recently  had a delicious meal and a great time!

Still, many great restaurants have come and gone over the years. Plumbush in Cold Spring was one of my first favorites. The Stadium in Garrison was a sports-themed destination restaurant, which shut its doors a few years ago. Celebrity Chef Peter Kelly had a place in Garrison as well, that didn’t make it. Or what about The Chop House in Mahopac, which often required reservations way in advance?

Do not take for granted that your favorite dining spot will always be there. We must support them, by social media and word of mouth, and of course, with our dollars as customers. The rising cost of food, increased wages, scarce help, regulations and and taxes make the restaurant business one of the toughest to maintain.

I wish Chef Peter all the best in his next adventure. And please, let’s come out and support whatever entrepreneur comes along next to take Dish’s place in Downtown Mahopac.

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is a partner of J. Philip Real Estate and Founding Chairwoman of the Putnam County Business Council.