PUTNAM POSTING: Diligence in Planning

Jennifer Maher | January 16, 2018

The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce board members have been bringing to the forefront key issues for nearly 10 years. We recently put together a County Planning task force to drill down and implement those issues.

Here are some highlights of our efforts:

County Chamber Planning: Meetings will be held with the County Executive, Planning Board and various legislators to see what plans are being developed or on the punch list. This will give not only a sense of priorities, but also an overview of a county vision. Then we will go to local municipalities to discuss their current plans, a potential update of their Master Plans in line with the county plan and identify where the county can provide support.

Mahopac-Carmel Planning: With the proposed Swan Cove Park and subsequent Tompkins Mahopac Bank lot, the downtown Hamlet of Mahopac has a starting point for revitalization. After contracts are settled, the Chamber has discussed conducting a roundtable discussion of all local business and building owners in an open discussion of redeveloping the business districts. The sidewalk/lighting project can finally be finished and improved upon, and parallel parking should be introduced with wider sidewalks adorned with planters and/or art, kiosks and benches.

Envision Brewster: Here is a great example of collaboration between the village, Putnam County, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, Pattern for Progress and the EDC all working together to achieve results. This is the type of planning and action that we would love to see in all municipalities. A forum is planned for town and village elected officials so we can catch up with the entire county. Long term strategic planning has been a buzzword in the county for a long time, and in 2017, under the leadership of MaryEllen Odell, Putnam has aggressively gone after funding and is starting to succeed. Let’s keep this momentum moving forward!

Jennifer Maher
Jennifer Maher is a partner of J. Philip Real Estate and Founding Chairwoman of the Putnam County Business Council.